Episode 4961

Australian Air Date: 12th October 2009
UK Air Date: 23rd November 2009

Robertson busts Charlie’s alibi over Grant’s death. Nicole is publically serenaded by Liam. Geoff gets an idea that Aden has feelings for Nicole.


Written by Phil Lloyd
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Robertson is assuring people that he’s close to solving Grant Bledcoe’s murder. True to his offbeat ways he turns up at the school to question Xavier, much to Gina’s displeasure. He asserts that Xavier and Ruby lied about Charlie’s alibi and accuses Xavier of killing Grant. Xavier denies the allegation and sticks firmly to the alibi story, but he’s clearly rattled and, later, when he tells Hugo the story, Hugo’s straight down the station to confront Robertson. Robertson tells Hugo that his brother is lying and suggests Hugo gets him to come clean now – things will be a lot more difficult if he’s found out in Court. Gina can tell that Xavier is rattled by Robertson and he finally cracks, admitting that he and Ruby lied to provide Charlie with an alibi – Hugo walks in and is furious at Xavier’s actions. Gina and Hugo escort Xavier to the station and, despite feeling terrible, finally tells the truth. Not only did he not see Charlie at home asleep on the night of the murder, but he also wasn’t with Ruby and can’t vouch for her either.

Martha rehearses her debate speech for the Austins, and whilst they praise her factual content, they are left a little uninspired. Hugo and Xavier start sharing their thoughts on John, and Gina covertly stands up for him. Later on at the bar, John gives Gina a CD of the music they discovered they both liked during their walk. Shortly afterwards he advises Hugo to convince Martha to give up on her campaign – Hugo is having none of it, and tells John he wouldn’t need to be making those sorts of threats if he weren’t scared of the opposition. In the Diner, Marth and Hugo exchange their thoughts on John and Gina tells them she can’t see what they’re talking about – she thinks John is nice. Martha and Hugo are baffled.

Now that Liam is writing again, Nicole jokingly says it won’t be a real song until she hears it sung publically – and after all, he does want to impress her. As Martha and Colleen are making final preparations in the Surf Club for the debate, they discover the microphone isn’t working. Liam comes in for a drink and, getting an idea, offers to fix the microphone and do a proper sound check for them. He then calls Nicole and tells her to come down and join him. When Nicole arrives, Liam announces that he’s going to check the sound system by singing a song. He subsequently serenades Nicole with her song. And she is far from displeased by the gesture.

Aden’s already in a bad mood when Geoff arrives to head off to work with him and when Geoff calls him on it, Aden admits hating seeing Nicole with Liam every second place he goes. Geoff’s not keen on the guy either, but he doesn’t see what Aden’s problem is. Aden’s worried that he messed up Belle and might do the same to Nicole. Geoff later awkwardly suggests to Irene that Aden could have feelings for Nicole, but Irene is thrown – it seems way too soon after Belle’s passing. Geoff thinks he’s probably reading too much into it, but later, when he tells Aden about Liam serenading Nicole and the fact that they look so comfy together, Aden’s clearly furious. When Geoff suggests that maybe Aden has feelings for Nicole, Aden goes ballistic. Geoff’s left shaken, but convinced that Aden cares about Nicole.

Scenes cut from Episode:
Hugo tells Xavier that he’ll go with him back down to the station.
Aden and Geoff’s first port of call for the day is the Surf Club and they encounter Liam with Nicole there. Geoff, watching the Aden and Nicole interplay, suddenly gets a hint that Aden might be jealous and it disturbs him.

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