Episode 4960

Australian Air Date: 9th October 2009
UK Air Date: 20th November 2009

Tony is having trouble dealing with Rachel’s request to go back to work. Liam and Nicole go on a pseudo-date. Aden and Geoff argue over the trawler. Sparks fly when Gina meets John Palmer.


Written by Stephen Vagg
Directed by Chris Martin-Jones

Extended Summary

The day after telling Tony she wants to go back to work, Rachel expresses her concerns to Martha. She feels in her gut that going back to work is the right thing, but understands where Tony is coming from – Martha encourages her to do what feels right. Rachel eventually ducks off to do some mysterious task that afternoon. Martha encourages Tony to compromise with Rachel, to perhaps delay her decision for a couple of weeks so they can talk things through. However, Rachel arrives home and tells Tony she’s decided to go back to work straight away, taking on a couple of shifts initially to see how things go. Tony tries to be polite about it but he’s not happy and Rachel can sense this – he tells her he’ll just have to get used to it.

Liam tempts Nicole away from her studies to hang out, although she is keen to emphasise it’s not a date. They go to pick up his guitar and Liam admits he’s had trouble writing songs since rehab – he thinks he has lost his drive to write new material. Nicole tries to encourage him pointing out the surroundings he is in as inspiration and Nicole suggests she could be his muse. He admits he isn’t sure how he feels about her yet and she tells him that her aim for the day is get him writing again. During the day, Liam opens up to her about his life, his son and marriage breakdown and his fears and insecurities. Liam eventually succeeds in writing a song and he and Nicole kiss – their relationship is clearly progressing.

Geoff and Aden are having a dispute over whether to hire an extra hand for the trawler – Geoff is keen, Aden isn’t. They both try arguing their case to Irene, but she tells them to sort it out themselves. They end up having a competition, lifting weights, with the winner getting their way. It ends in a tie and the boys agree to try things the way it is for another week, then hire someone if necesary – a truce has been reached.

Someone from the Surf Club is meant to speak at school and Gina is surprised to find it is John Palmer. He apologises for being late, but tells her he had some trouble with his son the previous night, who in an institution in the city. She is initially hostile, and warns him to leave his politics at the door, but he disarms her with an unexpected sense of humour and his similarly no-nonsense view on life. They bump into each other later on in the bar and discover they have shared interests. John offers to walk Gina home, and on the way gina admits that he is nothing like she imagined he would be – the pair are getting along well.

Scenes cut from Episode:
Tony is reeling from Rachel’s request to go back to work – he asks if she can sleep on it. The next day Rachel suggests as a compromise she only work two days a week, but Tony is still not keen.
In discussing Rachels work predicament, Martha refers to her experience dealing with Jack’s depression and running for council.