Episode 4965

Australian Air Date: 16th October 2009
UK Air Date: 27th November 2009

Aden and Liam call a truce. Tony and Rachel struggle to find a balance between work and parenting. Kirsty and Miles take Harry for a tumultuous day.


Written by Dan Bennett
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Martha calls round to see Rachel, and Rachel tells her how well her going back to work is working out. The following day Miles and Kirsty (still feeling under the weather) pick up some coffee’s for Rachel and Tony at the Diner – Leah has to remake them because the milk is off. When Tony is let down by staff for a second day it’s Miles and Kirsty who come to his rescue – they offer to take Harry for the day and Tony and Rachel are grateful for the offer. Martha calls in on Tony at work and he tells her the reality of Rachel going back to work, that he is struggling to juggle Harry with his commitments at the gym – but his main priority right now is Rachel, and he just wants to do what is best for her.

As Nicole and Liam grow closer, Aden’s anger at seeing them together intensifies. When Nicole calls him on it and asks him to cool his hostility, Aden is unresponsive. But then he tells her he’ll solve the problem his way – by cutting her out of his life completely. Nicole is devastated and refuses to accept that. She goes to see him shortly afterwards and finds him remorseful. They agree that they are the closest thing to family that they have, and neither really wants to live without the other in their lives. Another heartfelt plea from Nicole to Aden to try and get along with Liam sees the boys talk, but the encounter ends badly. Aden takes his aggression out on a punch bag and Tony advises him that it might be worth giving Liam a chance for Nicole’s sake. Aden and Liam talk again and decide they have Nicole as a common interest – they shake hands, a truce has been made. Nicole and Liam go for a coffee at the Diner and she tells him it means a lot to her that he’s giving Aden a chance – their coffee is less sucessful as the milk is off. Leah is confused – that’s the second carton today. Given how much food they’ve served, she is worried about repurcussions if the fridge isn’t working.

With Kirsty pregnant, she and Miles see spending a day with Baby Harry as good practice for the future. The day starts well enough with Harry sleeping contentedly, but that doesn’t last long. Harry is soon exercising his lungs and no matter what Miles and Kirsty do, Harry continues to cry and he remains restless. Eventually the couple argue over the situation, with Kirsty wanting to drop the baby off to Tony, while Miles won’t hear of it. Kirsty admits she in concerned about her abilities as a mother to her impending child. Miles wants to battle through; after all, they won’t be able to palm their own baby off to someone else. Harry finally settles after Miles gives him a stern “talking to” and the couple see the funny side of that and re-bond. Later, the couple take some take-out from the Diner over the Tony and Rachel’s and Kirsty feels tired and a little strange. She goes to lie down for a few minutes rest, but collapses on the way – she in unconcious.