Episode 4964

Australian Air Date: 15th October 2009
UK Air Date: 26th November 2009

Miles is concerned by Jai’s continuing bad moods. Romeo has a big decision to make and someone will get hurt by it. Rachel’s return to work causes unforseen problems.


Written by Adam Dolman
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Jai seems to have been in a bad mood for weeks and Miles is beginning to get concerned about him. Thinking that perhaps he’s had a blue with Romeo or Annie, Miles checks with Romeo who simply thinks Jai’s simply being an angst ridden teenager. Miles believes it must be more than that, but every attempt he makes to get Jai to open up, is met by a stone wall. Miles confides in Kirsty that he’s worried that Jai is shutting down. Jai has another decision to make and is equally as flaky in dealing with that. He tells Miles that he no longer wants to do the Japanese exchange, but when Annie surprisingly pulls out of the running, he puts himself forward again. Miles and Kirsty try to work out what is going on between Romeo, Annie and Jai and Kirsty admits to Miles that she’s been feeling under the weather. Jai gets a phone call telling him he’s been selected for the programme without the need for the essay, but Miles still isn’t sure if he really wants to go or not.

The sexual tension between Annie and Romeo has been growing. romeo asks whether his bad moods have anything to do with Annie, to which Jai flatly tells him that he no longer wants anything to do with Annie.After telling Annie that he’s going to romance her, she wants to check that Romeo is serious and he assures her that he is. She suggests a private surfing lesson, and during this, their flirtation intensifies. While Romeo is enjoying his time with Annie, he feels guilty for not having told Jai about the fledgling relationship. when he begins to tell Jai about it, Jai walks away. He pursues him and Jai lets rip – he cannot believe how Romeo has behaved, all the while letting him believe that he was helping him to get Annie back. It suddenly dawns on Romeo that Jai’s bad moods are to do with seeing him flirting with Annie on the beach, and he is guilty. Later at a group surfing lesson, Romeo is off with Annie. She leaves and he follows her, telling her what has happened with Jai. She is unsympathtic – they haven’t done anything wrong as Jai is well aware that she has moved on from him. She tells him to meet her at the Diner later. Later, as Annie waits for him, Romeo sits on the wharf contemplating what he should do – meet Annie, or be a good friend to Jai? He finally makes his decision, and rushes to the Diner – only to discover it has closed, and he’s missed his chance. Later, when Jai has found out about his exchange place, he tells Romeo that he cannot wait to get away from his so-called friends.

It is Rachel’s first day back at work, and Tony is still worried about the pressure she will be put under – she assures him she will ask for help or step back if she needs to. He’s hoping for a quiet father-son bonding day when Rachel’s first day back at work dawns. But Tony’s plans are quickly thrown awry when his replacement at the gym calls in sick. The day goes from bad to worse when Baby Harry sleeps for only short periods, and difficult customers and a pushy delivery man all give Tony the run around. He tries to hide his annoyance when Rachel calls to say that she needs to stay back late at work. But by the time Rachel gets home, having enjoyed her return to work, Tony is too tired to even stay up and chat. He hides his exhaustion from Rachel, but it seems clear that he isn’t going to be able to keep to this new regime for long.