Episode 4963

Australian Air Date: 14th October 2009
UK Air Date: 25th November 2009

Robertson lays murder charges. Leah confronts her feelings. Romeo issues Annie a challenge.


Written by James Walker
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Robertson has arrested Charlie and interviews her over Grant Bledcoe’s murder. The autopsy report showed that Bledcoe had been shot at close range with a stun gun on a couple of occasions before he was killed, and, as every other cop at the station who had access to Angelo’s stun gun also has an alibi for the night it went missing, Charlie has some serious explaining to do. Morag points out that Robertson’s case is circumstantial, but Robertson reckons he’s only just beginning. Now that Ruby and Xavier’s alibi for Charlie is an admitted lie, the noose around her neck appears to be tightening. Ruby, horrified to hear of Charlie’s arrest, is also brought back in for more questioning, and Robertson subsequently threatens her with conspiracy charges. Things are looking grim for mother and daughter until Ross surprisingly turns up at the Police Station. Having heard what’s happening to Charlie and Ruby, Ross tells Robertson that he’s here to confess to murdering Bledcoe. He did it, and it’s what he should’ve done years ago when he found out that the boy had raped Charlie. He arranged to meet Grant at the Fish Market, and took a knife with him to threaten him. When Grant refused to be intimidated by the threats, and warned Ross that he would always be in Charlie’s life, Ross stabbed him. Robertson’s chuffed.

That night, Ruby has difficulty sleeping, and wakes up in a terrible sweat. The following day, Ross is taken to the city for formal charges to be laid, and in amongst all the drama, Ruby momentarily blacks out. Before Robertson leaves, Charlie asks if she was ever a real suspect and it transpires that it’d been Robertson’s plan all along to flush Ross out by laying charges against Charlie. He admits to Charlie that Ross was in fact his prime suspect from the start – he wanted him to confess as it would look better in court. But Robertson can understand Ross’ motivations for the murder and feels that with his Alzheimer’s disease, and diminished mental responsibilities, the Courts may well go easy on him.

After Ross’ arrest Leah realises that not only does Robertson tell stories and lies in order to trip up potential criminals, it seems he might be doing it in his personal life too – Irene comments that Leah shouldn’t put chocolate sprinkles on his coffee as he doesn’t like them, but he told Leah that he did. She tackles him on the issue and he admits that sometimes he does mix up the truth a little – but he was nothing but honest about his feelings towards her. He also breaks the news to Leah, that now he’s busted the murder case, he’ll soon be leaving town. Leah is full of mixed emotions. Robertson pays her one last visit to give her a present and tells her he wishes things could’ve been different. It’s a painting with a special message for Leah – it’s of a girl looking out to sea waiting for her lover.

Annie is having relationship problems too. She has a growing attachment to Romeo, but he appears to be hot and cold towards her when she approaches him in the Diner. Later, she bumps into Romeo on the beach and he tries to apologise for the way he’s been behaving. But he is miffed when Annie tells him she’s fed up with the way he’s been treating her and from now on she’s going to ignore him. Romeo likes the challenge – he’s going to become the boy she can’t take her eyes off of, no matter how much she wants to.

Scenes cut from Episode:
Leah admits to Irene that she has growing feelings for Robertson. She finds him very different to any other men she’s known and she has enjoyed going out with him.
Annie’s not to know that while Romeo is keen on her, he’s trying to temper his passion, as he knows Jai really wants to get back with Annie. However, when in a moment of jealousy Jai tells him he’s no longer interested in Annie, Romeo’s heart soars.