Episode 4889

Australian Air Date: 2nd July 2009
UK Air Date: 16th July 2009

Geoff throws Claudia out after her shocking admission. Rachel hosts a baby shower. Kirsty has an important decision to make.


Written by Clare Atkins
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Having told Geoff that he isn’t the father of her baby, Claudia now has to deal with the fallout. Geoff is stunned by the news, and finds it difficult to comprehend that she could have lived with him and still lied to him for so long. She is not the girl that he loved and he wastes little time in telling her to pack her bags and get out. Irene is also furious with Claudia, and she’s solidly behind Geoff. Claudia goes to Martha and asks if she can stay with her out at the farm until she’s gets sorted out. Martha agrees, but only if she agrees to approaches her parents first. Claudia won’t have a bar of that, and instead begs Irene to let her stay. Irene weakens only after Claudia tells her she’s not sure if she’ll even keep the baby any more. It’s left for Irene to try to convince Geoff to let Claudia stay on a few days. He’s a very hard sell, but he eventually agrees only on condition that she moves out of his room, and keeps out of his way. Claudia’s relieved, but Irene’s worried if she’s made the right decision or not.

Rachel’s baby is due in a few short weeks and a baby shower is organised. The party is an intimate and close-knit affair, but there are a lot of side issues that arise. Colleen inadvertently manages to confront Rachel with some of the mundane realities of motherhood, and they give Rachel a brief crisis of confidence. Martha confides to Rachel that while Tony has agreed not to oppose a potential relationship with her and Hugo, Martha has decided not to pursue one. A late arriving Irene, held up by her problems with Claudia, discusses her thoughts on when to have babies with Kirsty.

It seems like babies are on everyone’s mind, as Miles confides in Kirsty that he wants them to have kids of their own. Kirsty isn’t adverse to the idea, but she’s not sure she’s ready for them yet. While Miles appears to be okay with that, he keeps raising the issue. Kirsty seeks advice from Irene who doesn’t think she should commit to having another baby unless she is really ready, but with Miles’ happiness preying on her mind, Kirsty finally tells Miles that she’ll go off the pill and they can try for a baby.

Xavier isn’t sure whether or not to spend more time with Hugo, given his recent moods over Martha, but Ruby persuades him to seize the oppurtunity. Hugo and Xavier go to the bar to get directions from Alf to cove to go snorkelling in, and Hugo has an awkward moment with Martha. The pair are out in the country side and they seem to be bonding when they pull over to the side of the road to check their map. Hugo makes the big mistake of allowing Xavier to take over and do a little bit of driving after all they are on a back road miles from any where. While at the helm of Hugo’s car, driving without a licence, they are pulled over by the police.

Scenes cut from Episode:
Kirsty overhears Miles confiding to Alf about the family he lost, and suggesting that he’s not sure what future he and Kirsty will have together if she didn’t want kids.

Rachel enjoys the party, but while excited about impending motherhood, she’s also left a little daunted about going on maternity leave and simply being a mum.