Episode 2946

Australian Air Date: 6th November 2000

Vinnie goes over the top with trying to nurse Leah back to recovery. Fisher makes a decision about his teaching future. Harry continues to lie to Gypsy about his feelings for Shauna.

Told Nick and Duncan to rack off during a muck-up day prank.

Extended Summary

Gypsy told Hayley that she and Harry have been through a rough patch but it all looks up from here. Meanwhile, Shauna is hassling Harry into confessing to Gypsy about his thoughts towards her. She finally told him that if he doesn’t tell her, that she is going to find out anyway so either way he is going to lose. Shauna couldn’t believe that Harry is stringing Gypsy along with a lie. Leah had a go at him as well because she heard all of the conversation when Harry told Shauna that he still loved her. She said that she hoped that Gypsy wakes up to him before it is too late!

Fisher was ready to show Judith the latest travel plans when she told him that she had been offered the teaching job in Switzerland and had accepted it. She told him that he is still welcome to spend Christmas with her, Edward and Peta though. Fisher is stunned! Judith told him that he should apply for Principal again. Fisher gave it some thought and told Judith that if he doesn’t have faith in himself, then how can he relay that to the students (in other words, he is not going to re-apply for Principal).


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