Episode 2947

Australian Air Date: 7th November 2000

The grand opening of the new diner is a little anticlimactic. Gypsy finally learns the truth about Harry. Preparations for the Year Ten formal are underway.

Extended Summary

Mitch is the new School Captain for next year. Brodie wasn’t going to attend the formal with him but decided to after Shelley offered to make her a new dress.
The ‘Beachside Diner’ opened but there were few people there. Alf couldn’t believe that people didn’t turn up but Ailsa told him that it would take a bit of time – then two people walked in!

Harry told Gypsy that he couldn’t be in a relationship at the moment. Gypsy pleaded to him and he said that it wasn’t her fault and that he was very sorry. Leah came over to see Vinnie and walked into a crying Gypsy. Leah told her that she was better off without him and Gypsy made her tell her what heard that day at Shauna’s house.

Later on, Harry went to see Gypsy and told her he wanted to give their relationship another go, Gypsy said no and that she knew he was still not over Shauna (“It’s not paranoia, it’s the truth Harry”). She threw things at him and kicked him out.

Leah had a go at Vinnie for telling her what to do, what to eat and so on, and Vinnie took it really bad. Shauna told Leah that Vinnie really did care about her health so Leah apologised to him.


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