Episode 2945

Australian Air Date: 3rd November 2000

Judith receives some exciting news. Noah makes a big decision about his future. The Stewarts find a solution to Mitch’s accommodation problem. Kirsty and Jade fight over their father’s attention.

Second appearance, last seen in #2923. Admitted an ill Leah to hospital.
Eighth appearance, last seen in #2937. Checked up on Leah following her possible HIV scare.

Extended Summary

Alf apologised to Mitch for being angry with him for moving into the caravan park. He told him that he didn’t want to get rid of him and that he will sort something out. Later on, he and Ailsa were stocking the new storage room; they thought that it was so big and that it was a bit of a waste of space. They decided to turn that into Mitch’s new room. He was thrilled and is moving back in (he’ll have to share his room with some peas and stuff though!).
Leah went to hospital and they kept her overnight. The doctor said that she just had the flu and a secondary chest infection. She is still very worried that she may have caught something when she stepped on that syringe a few months ago. She will get the test results for that in a few weeks.

Judith found out that Noah was only banned from schooling for a year and that if he wanted to that he could do Year 12 at Summer Bay next year. After some convincing from Irene and nudging from Hayley, he finally decided to go back to school. He told Judith in front of Irene but said that there was a condition…………he didn’t have to wear the uniform. Judith said that he would have to take it up with the NEW PRINCIPAL! She got the job in Switzerland!!!

Kirsty, Jade and Rhys went running. Jade and Rhys couldn’t keep up with Kirsty and Kirsty hated the fact that Jade went anyway. They had a big argument at school and Kirsty told Jade that she (Jade) couldn’t handle the fact that she was better at her than something because she was better at school work. And Jade said ‘a lot better at schoolwork’ to which Kirsty replied ‘well, who wants to be a dork anyway…. just look at you!’
Judith stepped in so they had to lay off each other.


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