Episode 2944

Australian Air Date: 2nd November 2000

Vinnie realises how sick Leah is and rushes her to hospital. The Stewarts spend their first night in their new home. Sam is released from hospital. Jade and Kirsty vie for their father’s attention.

Final episode. Began forming an interest in Sandy.

Extended Summary

Leah is getting sicker. Colleen offered to cook for her and try to help her get better but all she wanted to do was sleep. Vinnie came over and saw that she was burning up and he took her to the hospital.
Sam told Fisher that he wanted to stay with him for a few days. Later he decided that he was going to return with Pongo (the owner of the car he smashed) to finish up on the surfing circuit. He told Fisher that he would be back in a few days/weeks.

Sandy has taken a liking to Sam after it was finalised by Will that they would be no more than friends. Sandy asked Shelley to help her find a place for her and Bella to live.

Alf and Ailsa spoke to Shelley and Rhys about Mitch staying in a caravan and the Sutherlands told the Stewarts that it wasn’t their idea, but Mitch’s. Later, Alf caught up with Mitch and had a go at him for not telling them he was moving out. Mitch said that he knew that he was never going to be part of their family and that he was going to save all of the hassle and move out!


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