Episode 2943

Australian Air Date: 1st November 2000

Shauna hears some shocking truths from Harry. Mitch feels like he’s no longer part of the Stewart family. Kirsty’s athletic ability makes Jade jealous.

Local architect who assisted Ailsa with plans for the new Diner.

Extended Summary

Leah is sick. She went to help at the Diner but when Alf and Ailsa discovered that she was ill, they sent her home.
Duncan and Mitch got shown the new unit above the new diner. Alf thinks that it is a little small but they will manage but Ailsa thinks that he is dreaming. For starters there are only two bedrooms and the one for the boys is only barely big enough to fit one bed and a trundler bed. Mitch realises that perhaps they will ask him to move out so he spoke to Brodie who then asked Rhys if he could use a caravan. Rhys thought that it would be okay if all the adults agreed. Alf suggested that he talk to Fisher about whether he could have Mitch for a while until they settled into the unit but Ailsa and Duncan wouldn’t hear of it. They said “but he is family” and Alf agreed but he was still going to ask. Duncan told Mitch about Alf’s idea and he went back to see Rhys about the caravan.

Gypsy went out all night with Hayley just to annoy Harry and the saga between them is getting worse. Shauna visited Harry at his house and when Gypsy came home, Harry rushed Shauna out the back door!

Harry went to see Shauna and told her that he was going to stay with Gypsy but…”what ever happens, you will always be the one I love”.


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