Donald Fisher must find a way to tell Bobby her baby is dead. Pippa begins to come to terms with her feelings for Michael.

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Marilyn’s plan to buy the beach house is foiled, but Alf has a solution. Sophie decides Haydn is the boy for her.

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Carly and Ben’s attempts to resolve their argument are foiled. Blake is the last to know about Sophie’s relationship with Haydn.

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Carly and Ben reach an understanding. Unresolved anger between Blake and Haydn bodes ill for the future.

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Blake continues to play the martyr. Meanwhile, Sally’s rejection of Michael could prove to be a problem.

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Marilyn becomes the proud owner of the beach house. Sally delivers a scathing remark to Michael.

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Karen issues Blake an ultimatum. Sally realises she has no right to interfere in Pippa’s life.

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As Marilyn awaits her school results, Adam begins to feel she is outgrowing him.

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Blake challenges Haydn to a bike race, but soon realises he could never defeat him. Meanwhile, Marilyn has good news for Adam.

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Bobby has plans for Donald and Patricia. Marilyn discovers some of the pitfalls of being a home owner.

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Bobby makes a shock announcement and Pippa must say goodbye to Steven.

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Ailsa issues Bobby an ultimatum and Fisher discovers Haydn inside the school.

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Blake and Haydn are reconciled, but the girls insist that the bike race goes ahead.

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Adam plans to force Marilyn to fix the hot water system. Bobby decides to move out.

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Bobby moves into the beach house with Marilyn and Adam. Alf is in deep financial trouble.

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Patricia fears Sally may run away from home. Alf may be forced to sell the store

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Fisher urges Bobby to return and Alf works out a way to solve his problems.


Alf and Ailsa reach a compromise and Adam gives Marilyn a frightening ultimatum.


An innocent party spells trouble for Blake and Karen. Sally becomes even more resentful of Pippa and Michael.

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