Patricia fears Sally may run away from home. Alf may be forced to sell the store

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Fisher urges Bobby to return and Alf works out a way to solve his problems.


Alf and Ailsa reach a compromise and Adam gives Marilyn a frightening ultimatum.


An innocent party spells trouble for Blake and Karen. Sally becomes even more resentful of Pippa and Michael.


Ben finds the farm of his dreams. Meanwhile, Blake, Karen, Sophie and Haydn are in trouble with the law.


Ben is determined to have the farm and Bobby’s dream is shattered.


A reconciliation between Marilyn and Adam seems out of the question. A new obstacle is placed in the way of Pippa and Michael’s happiness.


Karen tries to do something about the destruction of Summer Bay’s heritage.


The whole school protests against the destruction of the Angus Stewart tree. Cynthia succeeds in breaking up Michael and Pippa’s relationship.


Fisher and his students finally reach a compromise. Carly agrees to join Ben in his farming venture.


Marilyn decides to end her relationship with Adam. Depression sets in as Alf’s financial problems continue.


Ailsa shoulders Alf’s burdens and Haydn devises a plan to reunite his parents.

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Blake and Karen need to raise $700 quickly. Michael and Cynthia fear for their son’s life.

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Blake comes to Patricia’s rescue at the beach. Ailsa realises her problems with Alf are far from over.

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Carly finds a possum in the pantry and Alf signs over ownership of the store.

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Adam leaves Blake and Karen with 3,000 useless raffle tickets. Pippa struggles to hide her pain.


Marilyn decides to become a full-time babysitter and Haydn organises a romantic weekend for his parents.


Pippa is furious when she discovers Sophie has hocked her television set. Ben’s farmhouse dream begins to crumble.


Fisher receives some unsettling news from the Education Department.

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