Episode 707

Australian Air Date: 19th February 1991
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Michael Offer

Grant returns home and Haydn disappears.


Extended Summary

At Summer Bay House Haydn and Sophie are talking about his plan to leave for the bush in the hope that it will bring his parents closer together while he’s gone. Sophie asks to come with him but he says no, asking her to bring him the food he asked for later. She tells him to be careful and he heads off.

At Alf’s Store Adam is drunk and is arguing into Marilyn. She says she doesn’t understand why he’s being cruel to which he replies that he hates dishonest women. Marilyn seems shocked and tells him that she’s been more honest with him than anybody in her life before, including Lance. Adam says that Marilyn lead him on and proceeds to leave change on the counter for the beers he just bought. Marilyn tells him she hopes he feels better now he’s got that off his chest and he laughs, saying it’s funny to hear Marilyn saying that. He leers at her chest and exits Alf’s Store.

Grant comes home to be greeted with mess in the living room and throws a travel bag onto his bed which lands on an unsuspecting drunk Adam. Shocked to see Adam on his bed he asks what he’s doing there. Adam says he could ask the same question to which Grant replies that he lives there. Matt comes in and asks what’s going on to which Grant replies that he wishes someone would tell him that.

In the pantry Sophie is putting food in a bag for Haydn as Pippa calls out ‘Who’s there?’ Sophie calls out and pretends that she’s making a hot chocolate. Pippa jokes that Bobby’s not the only one who needs glasses when Sophie can’t find the open box of hot chocolate. Pippa mentions that Haydn’s mother Cynthia is leaving tomorrow and says she thinks it’s a shame her and Michael couldn’t patch things up. Sophie says she doesn’t want a drink anymore, knowing she won’t be able to get rid of Pippa in order to gather the food together.

Adam drunkenly tells Matt and Grant how he tried to do everything to please Marilyn but it feels like she wants to drain all his self-respect. He apologises to Grant for being in his bed and says he hopes he doesn’t mind. Grant says he doesn’t mind as he picks up a half eaten pizza from his bed. Matt asks Grant how Kim is to which he replies that she’s getting better. Adam says he’s going to get some more sleep, heading towards Grant’s room before Grant tells him to sleep on the couch.

The next morning, Michael’s alarm goes off and he tells Haydn to rise and shine but Haydn isn’t around. Michael remarks that some people are up early.

At Summer Bay House Pippa asks Cynthia if she’s sure she wouldn’t like a tea or coffee before she leaves as she’d hate to feel that Cynthia left feeling like she and Pippa were rivals. Cynthia asks Pippa if she’s patronising her when Pippa mentions how courageous it was for Cynthia to arrive in the Bay with the admirable intention of bringing her family back together. Sophie walks in and Cynthia invites her to come to the city with Haydn in the future. Cynthia heads off to say goodbye to Haydn and Sophie gets the bag of food. Carly walks in and jokes that Sophie must be on a health kick and Sophie rushes off. Pippa is surprised when Carly can’t find any tins of baked beans in the cupboard and Pippa tells her to add them to the shopping list.

Cynthia bumps into Michael in the Caravan Park and tells him she’s leaving and had come to say goodbye to Haydn, but he tells her that Haydn’s gone off somewhere on his bike.

At Summer Bay House Cynthia begins to panic as Haydn’s tent has gone missing too. Michael asks Pippa if she could get her address book so they could call some of his school friends and figure out some of the places he might have gone. Michael calls the police as Pippa asks Sophie if she’s seen Haydn at all to which she replies that she hasn’t. Pippa tries to reassure Cynthia but Cynthia remains in a panic saying that Haydn’s a city boy so if he is in the bush he hasn’t got any experience at all.

Haydn has set up his tent in the bush and tries but fails to open a tin of food. The episode cuts to a shot of Haydn carving ‘H 4 S’ into a tree but Sophie arrives before he carves the S. He exclaims that she’s a life saver asking what she’s brought to eat but he’s disappointed when she says she didn’t bring a tin opener. Haydn asks how his parents have reacted at home and Sophie says his mum’s freaking out and that they’d called the cops.

Back in town Michael and Cynthia are telling the cops what’s missing. Cynthia mentions that she was leaving for the city today and the policeman says that it’s pretty obvious why Haydn’s gone missing then. The divorcees mention that they’ve had a messy divorce and the policeman asks if anyone else had got involved. Michael’s about to say no but Pippa interrupts the conversation, mentioning her brief relationship with Michael, saying that she broke it off when Cynthia arrived, ‘what little of it there was’.

Grant goes into the living room to find Adam still asleep on the sofa. As he enters the kitchen Matt asks him what his plans are for the day to which Grant replies that he’s going to the beach and then to see Donald regarding his job. Matt mentions that a replacement teacher has been brought in and Grant finds it hilarious when he finds out that she’s an ex-nun. Marilyn arrives hoping to speak to Adam. She remarks on how terrible he looks but he says that he’s never felt better since he woke up to himself. She gives him rent money he didn’t use and some photographs but he throws them on the floor and tells her to rack off. Matt and Grant seem unimpressed by Adam’s temper.

The policeman tries to reassure Michael and Cynthia that he’s had plenty of cases of runaways in the past and that Haydn will more than likely return home when he’s hungry. Cynthia seems less than comforted when the policeman leaves.

At Alf’s Store, Adam has just arrived to chat with Marilyn. He remarks that she probably doesn’t think he’s worth spitting on to which she replies that he’s the most obnoxious, cruel, insensitive creep she’s ever met. He says he’s come to apologise for being a jerk and that he looked at the pictures after she left. Marilyn says she has to finish pricing the stock.

Pippa says she’s sure Haydn will come home in his own time but when Cynthia says how worried she is Michael makes a dig that she always used to wrap him up in cotton wool. Cynthia remarks that Michael should perhaps ask himself why Haydn went off in this first place. Michael refuses to accept blame, suggesting that he wouldn’t even be surprised if Cynthia persuaded Haydn to go off in the first place. Cynthia is agog at Michael’s suggestion and leaves the house disgusted.

The episode cuts to Pippa telling Michael she can’t believe he suggested it. Michael explains that Cynthia just gets him so riled up and that he was upset by Pippa’s remark to the policeman about their relationship and that it seemed like it meant so little to her. Pippa doesn’t want to discuss it, feeling that there are more important things to worry about such as Haydn’s disappearance.

Sophie and Haydn are by a stream of water as she says she has to go or people will be wondering where she is. Haydn wants her to stay but she insists that she has to go. He asks her to find out what the state of play is between his parents.

Adam finishes helping Marilyn price the stock and as he leaves he asks her for the $40 for the rent he refused to take back earlier. She gives it to him and tells him to come by the store whenever he feels like a chat. He says he might take her up on her offer and as he leaves he tells her how good their relationship was.

Haydn is bored and heads off for a walk.

Michael apologises to Cynthia who is heading back to her caravan. He says that he is trying not to worry and she replies that it’s the same as it always was – even when they were married she used to do all the worrying while he remained calm all the time. She explains that’s why she used to pamper herself, as he didn’t offer her any comfort. Michael puts his arm around her and offers to make her a cup of tea when he realises that he wasn’t completely innocent in the breakdown of his marriage. Sophie witnesses this exchange and smiles.

Haydn wanders the bush and falls down a mineshaft.

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