Episode 708

Australian Air Date: 20th February 1991
Writer: Boaz Stark
Director: Michael Offer

Blake and Karen need to raise $700 quickly. Michael and Cynthia fear for their son’s life.

Returned for the search for Haydn.

Helped rescue Haydn from the mineshaft

Extended Summary

Don is cleaning his kitchen when Bobby arrives at the house.He notes that she’s welcome to take it over again when she moves back in.Bobby tells him that she’s going to stay with Marilyn permanently, since she and Adam have split up and she needs more help with the rent.Don admits he hadn’t given up on her coming back but Bobby tells him she still wants to foster.Grant arrives and Bobby takes the opportunity to go to her room and get some things.After Grant has explained that he’s short of money and needs his job back, Don says that there are no positions available and, with the reduced intake of students, he may even have to cut staff.While he understands Grant’s situation, he points out Grant never gave him a return date so he had to hire Patricia.

Down the bottom of the mineshaft, Haydn recovers consciousness and calls out for help.Sophie arrives at his campsite and calls out to him, saying she’s got his tin opener and Michael and Cynthia seem to be getting on well, but quickly realises he isn’t there.

At his caravan, Michael makes Cynthia a sandwich and she notes that Haydn has the same tastes as him. Sophie arrives and tells them Haydn has disappeared, explaining about the campsite.Down the shaft, Haydn manages to clamber to his feet and calls out again.Hale is organising search teams from the police and bush brigade near the site.Michael, Cynthia, Pippa and Sophie are nearby.Hale quizzes Sophie and suggests Haydn could be on his way home but Sophie points out he left his bike behind.Michael wants to help and says he’s had experience;Hale tells him to take a torch and a radio from the supplies.Hale wants the others to go home but Cynthia insists on staying so he tells her to stick close to Michael.

At the Diner, Grant is looking through the paper for jobs but can’t find anything.Bobby asks if he’s called the Department about a post but Grant points out that might mean moving away from Summer Bay.Matt suggests Grant goes for his old job as a beach inspector, which he gave up because it was only for the summer and he’s better off at the Diner.Blake and Karen come in and Blake makes a joke about Bobby’s glasses.Bobby retorts by reminding him that they still owe the school emergency fund $5,000.Some time later, Blake suggests they have a raffle but Karen points out they don’t have a prize.Blake suggests they get someone to donate a car but Karen says if they had a car they wouldn’t need the raffle.Grant enters with a loudhailer;he has the beach inspector’s job but his mood darkens slightly when he realises he won’t be able to go to the Ironman competition up the Gold Coast.Blake says he wanted to go too and suddenly realises that could be the prize:tickets to the competition.Bobby points out they’d need to arrange accomodation but Karen is confident they can sort out a package deal.

Michael, Cynthia, Pippa and Sophie are searching the bush together.Michael doesn’t think anyone has come down the path they’re exploring but Sophie finds the tin Haydn dropped.Down the shaft, Haydn tries to climb out but falls when he’s only a few feet off the ground, seemingly knocking himself out. Meanwhile, Michael finds another opening and Pippa tells him the whole area is full of old gold mine shafts.Sophie says you can’t see the entrances until you’re upon them.Cynthia berates her for letting Haydn go off.Pippa steps in and suggests she and Sophie wait at home.Sophie wants to stay and continue with the search but Michael convinces them to go.

At the Diner, Blake is on the phone to the travel agents trying to arrange a deal while Karen shows Matt the brochure.They’re planning to charge $2 a ticket.Matt and Bobby aren’t sure and Matt points out they’d need to sell 2500 tickets to make the money.Blake has arranged a deal which, with $100 spending money, will cost them $700.Karen is confident they can get the money from the ticket sales but Blake says they need to pay by the end of the week to get the deal.Blake and Karen head round to Don and ask him for the money but, although he agrees it’s a good idea, Don says there’s no money left in the school emergency fund.

Michael and Cynthia find another shaft entrance and realise someone has been there recently.They look through the broken wood and see Haydn lying prone.Michael gets out the radio and calls for help.Some time later, a party has gathered around the top of the hole.A volunteer is calling for an ambulance while Hale helps Michael get ready to abseil down.Michael reaches Haydn and, tapping his face, manages to revive him.Michael calls out that he’s all right and Cynthia starts crying with relief.

Soon after, Michael, Cynthia and Haydn are all back at the Fletchers’ with Pippa and Sophie.Haydn has been to hospital and been given the all clear.Michael angrily berates Haydn for worrying them all and costing the searchers money.Cynthia tries to defend him and Haydn says he’ll pay for the search.He storms out and Sophie goes after him.Cynthia is cross with Michael for losing his temper.Outside, Sophie tries to reassure Haydn but he feels it was all for nothing.Cynthia comes over and tells Haydn to pack; she’s taking the next bus back to the city and wants him to come with her.Although he seems a bit uncertain, Haydn goes with her.

Michael tells Pippa that Haydn is leaving with Cynthia.Pippa isn’t happy about the way Michael reacted towards Haydn after what he’s just been through.She says he needs to listen to how much Haydn wants him and Cynthia back together since teenagers don’t open up often.Michael says he can’t get back with Cynthia for Haydn’s sake.Pippa encourages him to give it a try but Michael protests he doesn’t love her anymore.Pippa says he needs to be sure there’s no chance and nothing will happen between them until he is.Haydn and Cynthia are packing in the caravan.Michael joins them and says he can send the rest of Haydn’s stuff on.He and Haydn exchange apologies over their recent actions.Michael also apologises for not listening to him and asks Cynthia to stay so they can see if they can sort things out.With some encouragement from Haydn, Cynthia agrees to give it a few weeks.

Up at the house, Sophie is upset that Haydn is leaving when they haven’t been together for long and she’s only just realised how much she cares about him.Pippa tells her that Michael and Cynthia might be getting back together and he’s asking her to stay.Sophie is delighted since if they do Haydn might stay in Summer Bay, then realises that if that happens Pippa and Michael won’t be getting back together.Pippa says they can’t have everything and she and Sophie hug.

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