Episode 693

Australian Air Date: 30th January 1991
Writer: John Coulter
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Adam plans to force Marilyn to fix the hot water system. Bobby decides to move out.

First appearance. Member of the Foster Department who became embroiled in Bobby’s desire to adopt.

Extended Summary

Donald has gone to see Pippa at Summer Bay House to discuss the situation about Bobby fostering. Pippa thinks he’s done the right thing by allowing her to do the interview on her own, but he still has strong reservations about the whole thing. He admits he’s scared of losing her if he tries to stop her.

Meanwhile, Bobby is talking to Marilyn in the diner, where Marilyn comments that she doesn’t think she’d be able to stand bringing up a child all on her own – it’s bad enough living with Adam complaining about the hot water system. Adam is sitting nearby doing just that, lamenting about the lack of a hot shower for a week. Matt wonders where Marilyn is going for her showers and comes up with the idea of Adam following her.

At the Stewart house, Blake and Haydn tell Alf that the race is back on, saying they’re only doing it for the girl’s benefit. Alf tells them they should tell the girls where to go, which gives them an idea to teach them a lesson. The next morning, Blake is happily being served a huge breakfast by Karen for ‘energy’. Alf is about to question why he’s doing it if they’re not racing, before Blake subtly tells him to keep quiet. Over at Summer Bay House, Haydn is also taking advantage of the situation by getting Sophie to make him pancakes.

Bobby is tidying up the Fisher House ready for the interview, when Louise Scott from the department arrives. Donald makes himself scarce, with Bobby’s gratitude. As the interview progresses, Louise stresses the importance of fostering not being a replacement for adoption. She then broaches the subject of Bobby’s miscarriage and comments that it must have been hard for her. When Louise hears a door open, Bobby’s forced to admit that Donald is home. Louise states that she will have to speak to him as well, much to Bobby’s unease.

At the Beach House, Adam tells Marilyn he won’t be going to work as he needs to find somewhere to have a shower. Marilyn is still not telling where she’s going for her’s, so he decides to follow her when she leaves.

On a road near the beach, Haydn and Blake are preparing to start their ‘race’. However they’ve now decided to ‘avoid the hills’ by not doing a circuit, but rather a straight race finishing at Cullen’s Corner. Sophie and Karen exclaim that it’s miles away and they don’t want to walk there in such heat, so Blake and Haydn say they should cancel the race. The reverse psychology works however, and the girls set off half an hour early so they can be there to meet them at the finish line. Blake and Haydn are very pleased with themselves and head off for a refreshing swim at the beach.

Donald is now talking to Louise, and tries to avoid actually voicing his own opinion on Bobby’s decision. But Louise senses he’s deflecting and points out that fostering may not be easy if they have a difficult child, and asks them both in turn whether they are ready for that – Donald comes clean and admits that he isn’t, and he doesn’t think Bobby fostering is a good idea. Bobby is mortified.

Adam has followed Marilyn and discovers that she’s using the shower block at the caravan park. Meanwhile Sophie and Karen are struggling with their long walk to Cullen’s Corner in the sweltering heat. They finally reach their destination but there’s no shade to shelter in – never mind, the boys will be along soon they say… Little do they know, Blake and Haydn are enjoying a dip in the sea and comparing the enormous breakfasts they both got this morning.

Louise is finished with the interview and on being asked by Bobby what her chances are, Louise explains that it’s only the first step but she’ll be in touch soon. As soon as she’s gone, Bobby rips into Donald, accusing him of deliberately sabotaging the interview by making his presence known.

At Summer Bay House, Pippa is chatting to Marilyn and agrees that it’s not fair for Adam to be taking $20 of his rent because of the hot water problems. Adam then comes in and asks Pippa why she’s letting Marilyn use the showers when she told him not to – simple reason is that Marilyn actually asked beforehand, rather than helping herself like Adam did. Adam asks again whether he can use the showers and Pippa says no to teach him a lesson – though realising he’s already had a shower anyway, she informs him that there’s a $3 charge, which will double should he use them again. Adam pays and storms out, much to Pippa and Marilyn’s amusement.

At the store, Donald explains to Alf that he’s heading to the city to see Rebecca, though is a bit concerned about leaving Bobby knowing that she thinks he deliberately ruined her interview. He leaves as Blake and Haydn walk in, telling Alf that they weren’t doing the bike race and were teaching the girls a lesson. Meanwhile Sophie and Karen are hot and tired, and eventually get fed up of waiting. They later return to the diner and are angry to see Blake and Haydn enjoying a burger, who explain about their little scheme and taunt the girls about the water being so great. The girls get their own back using their straws as rudimentary water pistols.

Bobby has come around to Pippa’s to vent her frustrations over Donald, Pippa tries to be the voice of reason but Bobby says that she trusted Donald. If he won’t let her live her own life, she’ll just have to move out.

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