Episode 694

Australian Air Date: 31st January 1991
Writer: John Hugginson
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Bobby moves into the beach house with Marilyn and Adam. Alf is in deep financial trouble.


Extended Summary

Pippa and Bobby are walking along the beach. Pippa thinks Bobby should wait until Don gets home before moving out. Bobby disagrees, saying Don’s not going to change his mind and she won’t be allowed to foster if she’s living with someone who’s opposed to the idea. They head back to the house where Bobby comments on how she didn’t have any luck when she spoke to real estate agents and Pippa continues trying to talk her out of it. Ben is in the kitchen and says he’s finished building the pen for Mrs. McGinty. Pippa is relieved; reminding him Mrs. McGinty took a chunk out of her favourite sheet.

At the Stewart house, Alf is preoccupied with his accounts and doesn’t react to Ailsa wondering where her keys are even though they’re right in front of him. Ailsa notes he usually does the accounts at the end of the month and wonders if something is wrong. Alf admits takings have been down since the supermarket opened in Yabbie Creek but he’s sure it’s only temporary and after giving it a try his customers will come back. At the store, Marilyn is chatting to Ben about him having a goat as a pet. Ben insists she’s not a pet, she’s a financial investment. Alf comes in and notes he’s learned to stay away from goats before asking Ben if he can have a word with Marilyn in private. Ben leaves and Alf tells Marilyn that with business being bad he can’t afford to keep her on full-time anymore; from the following day, he can only offer her twenty hours a week. Marilyn is aghast, wondering how she’ll pay the mortgage.

Bobby looks through the newspaper but can only find flats up for rent. Pippa thinks she should keep living with Donald until she can find somewhere but Bobby has another solution: She’s going to move back in with Pippa. Out in the park, Sally runs into Patricia, looking lost. She says her best friend isn’t allowed out and wonders if she can spend time with Patricia. Patricia is about to wash her car but says if Sally helps her they can go to the beach afterwards.

Pippa refuses to let Bobby move in. Bobby protests that Steven’s room is empty but Pippa doesn’t want to go against Donald, since Bobby is moving out without telling him. She tries to persuade Bobby to stay living with Donald and resolve their differences but Bobby insists she’ll find somewhere else and storms out. She goes to the store and asks Marilyn if she can move into her place, since she’s got four bedrooms and two of them are spare. Marilyn isn’t sure. Alf asks Bobby if she’s had a falling out with Don, pointing out there are no secrets in Summer Bay. Bobby doesn’t want to talk about it and offers Marilyn rent and a bond. Marilyn agrees.

Patricia and Sally have finished washing the car. Patricia recalls she used to get paid 50 cents for washing cars when she was a girl but since things are more expensive now she gives Sally $2.Sally is happy spending time with Patricia and wishes she was her teacher. At the Diner, Pippa is telling Ailsa and Carly about Bobby moving out and how Don doesn’t know anything about it. They all think Bobby’s wrong about Don deliberately sabotaging her chances. Pippa suggests Ailsa talk to her but Ailsa doesn’t think Bobby would listen. Pippa worries that she might have caused Bobby’s actions by encouraging her about fostering. Carly doesn’t think they have anything to worry about; Bobby will have calmed down before she finds anywhere to move to.

Marilyn is showing Bobby around the beach house. Bobby is happy with her room and offers Marilyn $80 a week rent. Marilyn is pleased, especially when Bobby says she can pay her that afternoon, and gives her her key so she can have one cut for herself. Marilyn returns to the store, where Alf is on the phone arranging a meeting with his bank manager, Bob. He tells Marilyn he’s going to try and extend his overdraft but doesn’t want anyone else to know. Marilyn confirms Bobby’s taken the room but Alf points out she’s put herself in the middle of Bobby and Donald’s argument and Don won’t be happy when he finds out Bobby’s moved in.

Pippa arrives home to find Ben is planning to go to Yabbie Creek. He’s borrowing Michael’s car because his isn’t big enough and says he’s got an idea for Mrs. McGinty. Pippa is worried. Meanwhile, Ailsa arrives at the store, looking for some things for the Diner. Marilyn tells her Alf has gone out. She also tells her about Bobby moving in, saying she needs the money. Ailsa thinks that Marilyn’s wages should cover all her expenses and Marilyn, thinking Ailsa already knows, mentions only being part-time and Alf’s visit to the bank manager, adding that she promises not to tell anyone.

Ailsa heads home and tells Alf she knows he’s going to see Bob. Alf has his appointment at three. Ailsa says Marilyn doesn’t know she’s let it slip so he shouldn’t say anything. Alf admits the bills have been going up and the takings have been going down but is confident it will only be temporary. Ailsa asks him to keep her updated from now on and he agrees. At the store, Bobby arrives with Marilyn’s key and the rent money. Carly, who is also in there, realises she is moving in with Marilyn. Marilyn is shocked to learn Don doesn’t know and is having second thoughts but Bobby assures her Don won’t blame her. Carly tells her not to count on it.

Down on the beach, Sally asks Patricia what it’s like to be a nun. Patricia suggests it’s a long conversation and they should head back. Sally doesn’t think Pippa will miss her. She asks Patricia to be her special friend, saying Lance was her friend before he joined the army and Pippa is Michael’s special friend now. Patricia agrees. Outside the Fletcher house, Carly reassures Pippa that she’s not to blame for Bobby moving out. Ben draws up in Michael’s ute with a goat in the back. Pippa wonders when he came back for Mrs.McGinty. Ben says the goat with him isn’t Mrs. McGinty, it’s Mr. McGinty: His new plan is to breed goats.

At the Diner, Bobby is collecting up papers to put a financial statement together for her fostering meeting. Ailsa tries to talk to her about the way she’s treating Donald but Bobby snaps at her to stay out of it and storms out. She passes a despondent looking Alf, who tells Ailsa that he always thought of Bob Knight as a friend but not only would he not extend his overdraft but he’s called in the existing one: If things don’t pick up at the store soon, he’ll be in real trouble.

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