Episode 692

Australian Air Date: 29th January 1991
Writer: John Coulter
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Blake and Haydn are reconciled, but the girls insist that the bike race goes ahead.

Extended Summary

At the diner, Blake has returned and claims victory for the race to Karen and Sophie, seeing as half an hour has passed and Haydn hasn’t returned from the school. Blake suggests that Haydn never went to the school and it was just an excuse to chicken out of the race.

Meanwhile, having been busted by Donald at the school, Haydn covers for Blake by explaining he was looking for a puncture repair kit for his own bike. He’s also forced to explain to Donald how he gained access to the school by way of the loose window. Donald isn’t impressed and informs Hayden that he’s going to ring Michael to come and collect him.

Carly comes to see Bobby at the Fisher house after hearing about her plans to foster, saying that it’s fantastic news. Bobby tells her that she and Pippa are the only ones to think so, with Alf and Ailsa against the idea. Carly is surprised at Bobby’s decision. Bobby explains that she realised that, instead of feeling miserable, she should try to help people worse off than herself. Carly asks about work and Bobby tells her that since she’ll only be able to work part-time, Carly will be able to have her job back at the diner. Carly asks what Donald thinks of the idea, and Bobby replies that she hasn’t talked to him properly about it yet…

Back at the diner, Blake, Sophie and Karen are wondering where Haydn is. Karen wonders if Fisher has caught Haydn. Believing that Haydn would have told Fisher that he was looking for Blake, Blake points out that if he had been caught, Fisher would have come looking for him by now.

Michael has arrived at the school and offers to pay for any damage that Haydn may have caused. Donald explains that won’t be necessary and they talk about how it seems very unlike Haydn to get into trouble – Donald suspects someone else may be involved. Donald quizzes Haydn on whether anyone else was with him. Haydn states that he was on his own, and that it was Steven who informed him about the broken window latch. Donald finds this rather convenient seeing as Steven is no longer around to verify his story, and suspects that Blake may have been involved. Haydn denies it and Donald sees no point in taking the matter any further. Michael offers for him and Haydn to fix the window.

Arriving at the caravan park, Michael is quick to notice that Haydn’s bike tyres don’t seem flat. Haydn tries to cover but Michael’s not buying it, and forces Haydn to tell him the whole story. Michael wonders why Haydn covered for Blake, and Haydn explains that Blake’s already been in enough trouble. Michael comments that it’s now Haydn who’s getting a black mark against his name, but leaves it at that and tells him not to get into any more trouble.

At the Fisher house, Donald arrives home and is finally able talk to Bobby, where she tells him straight off that he won’t change her mind. Donald can’t see how she could have possibly thought it through, but Bobby explains that she’s been thinking about it for a while – if she’d said anything sooner, she’d have only been talked out of it. She doesn’t understand how Donald could have been happy about her being pregnant but not about this. Donald replies that it’s a completely different situation, and that it’s too soon after her miscarriage, also stating that he should have been consulted as it would affect him too. She apologised for not doing so, but isn’t going to back down – she wants to do it, and she’s going to.

As Michael heads out to work, he tells Haydn that he’s actually proud of him for sticking up for Blake, after thinking he may have become a bit selfish following Michael & Cynthia’s separation, it’s good to see him sticking his neck out for others. Haydn replies that he may always have been like that, Michael wasn’t really around to notice. Michael’s glad they’re getting to know each other better. Sophie arrives as Michael leaves and wants to know where Haydn’s been .

Sophie heads to the Stewart House to inform Blake and Karen of what happened. Blake can’t believe that Haydn actually covered for him. Sophie and Karen think that he should go and apologise to Haydn but Blake doesn’t see it as a big deal – he’d have done the same thing.

At the diner, Carly wants to know why Ailsa and Alf are so against the idea of Bobby fostering. Ailsa explains that she thinks it’s a spur of the moment decision and Bobby’s miscarriage is clouding her judgement. She doesn’t seem the harm in waiting six months to see if she still feels the same way. She also comments that it will affect the diner, though it would be good for Carly as she gets to keep her job, a comment for which she quickly apologises. Carly says that someone has to give Bobby support, but Ailsa replies that what Bobby needs from her friends is the truth – Ailsa doesn’t think it’s a good idea, so that’s what she told her.

Bobby and Donald are still going around in circles. Donald is worried what would happen if she was landed with a troubled kid – Bobby points out that she’s been there herself. He also worries about her getting too attached to a child only for it to be taken away a few months down the line. Bobby says she know how it works, and she’s made up her mind.

Blake is still refusing to go and speak to Haydn, he still thinks he’s a jerk for splitting him and Sophie up. Eventually Sophie convinces him to at least go and say thanks. At the caravan park, Blake awkwardly says thank you to Haydn. He then goes on to suggest a truce, without the need for silly bike races, and he and Haydn shake hands. They head to the Stewart Store with Sophie and Karen where Haydn agrees to pay for some treats to take down to the beach, though only if Blake will let him borrow his surfboard. Alf is happy to see them all getting along again.

Donald has gone to see Ailsa to discuss the issue of Bobby fostering. Donald doesn’t know what else to do, but Ailsa thinks that maybe they won’t have to do anything. Once the department realises that Bobby’s lost a child so recently, they may decide against the idea – and even if they don’t, Bobby could well have changed her mind by the time her application is processed. Meanwhile Bobby is voicing her opinions on Donald to Carly at the diner. Carly mentions how Donald being so against the idea won’t go down well with the department, and points out that they will want to interview him too. With this realisation, Bobby doesn’t know what she can do to change his mind.

On the beach, whilst Blake and Haydn are mucking about in the water, Karen and Sophie debate on who would have won the bike race had it gone ahead. As a result, they inform Blake and Haydn that the bike race WILL go ahead – and to be ready at 10am the next morning.

Bobby phones the department to arrange her interview, and informs Donald that she does not want him to be there. Donald is annoyed that he’s expected to make himself scarce from his own house to help her do something he doesn’t agree with. Bobby is adamant that she wants to do this more than anything, and asks that he not try and stop her.

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