Episode 691

Australian Air Date: 28th January 1991
Writer: Kit Oldfield
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Ailsa issues Bobby an ultimatum and Fisher discovers Haydn inside the school.

Extended Summary

At the Fletcher house, Pippa is telling Michael that she’s going to miss Steven and comments on the empty place at the dinner table.Michael says he’d be happy to fit in so Pippa invites him to lunch.As Michael is leaving, Bobby arrives and asks to talk to Pippa.At the Diner, Don rants to Alf and Ailsa about Bobby’s announcement and her refusal to stay and discuss it, protesting that she’s only twenty-one and wants to replace her baby with someone else’s.Alf agrees but Ailsa suggests they back off, pointing out the Department won’t just hand out a child to anyone and will asks the same questions.Don, however, fears that when Bobby gets an idea in her head she’s unstoppable.

Meanwhile, Bobby has explained her idea to Pippa and notes how opposed Alf, Ailsa and Donald were to the idea.Pippa defends their reaction a bit, although she herself thinks Bobby would be a good foster mother, and asks what gave her the idea.Bobby says that she knows what it’s like to have no-one want you but then Tom and Pippa took her in.She says that she, Steven and the others owe them a lot.Pippa says she shouldn’t expect a reward and Bobby says she doesn’t.Pippa suggests she explain it to Don and the others in that way.

At the store, Marilyn is buying some cold water detergent, explaining about how she can’t afford to repair the hot water and has told Adam to take cold showers.Alf, however, isn’t in a very talkative mood. Meanwhile, Michael goes back to the caravan and gives Haydn a letter from Switzerland.It’s from his mother, saying she’s transferred the money.Haydn promises Michael he’s going to pay it back.Michael asks about the race and Haydn says it’s at twelve o’clock.

Don arrives home and calls out for Bobby.He looks at the picture of Bobby with the Fletcher family on the sideboard before telephoning Pippa.She confirms that Bobby’s there and she knows about the fostering idea.Don doesn’t trust himself to talk to her and instead asks Pippa to talk some sense into her. Pippa makes a number of attempts to explain she’s on Bobby’s side before giving up and saying goodbye. Michael arrives early for lunch with a bunch of flowers.Even though both Pippa and Michael invite her to stay, Bobby decides to go and talk to people.Pippa explains to Michael about Bobby’s plan.

Blake and Karen are sitting by Blake’s bike when Haydn rides up, ready for the race.He and Blake argue about whether he’s late or not, since their watches say different things.Haydn gives Karen a stopwatch, telling her to press the button when he crosses the finishing line.Blake points out they don’t need it, since the first one across the line wins, but Haydn wants to know how much he beats Blake by.

Pippa is telling Michael about the others’ opposition to Bobby’s plan and admits she’s not sure if the Department will approve Bobby.They make lunch as they talk.Michael goes to throw some scraps away but Pippa says she’ll put them outside for Mrs.McGinty.Adam is walking across the caravan park to the shower block when Pippa catches him.He explains he wants a hot shower.Pippa points out that the showers are for the residents and cost money to run.Adam offers her a dollar but Pippa is annoyed he wasn’t going to ask and sends him away.

Karen chalks out a line on the road.Blake and Haydn get into position but as she’s about to start them off Blake realises he’s got a puncture.Haydn wants to start the race anyway and thinks he should win by default.Blake says he just needs a new inner tube and can get one from school;he explains Steven told him there’s a loose window in Classroom 3.Haydn agrees to give him half an hour but, if Blake’s not back by then, he’ll claim the victory.Haydn and Karen go to the Diner to wait.Ailsa asks about the race and they tell her it’s on hold.Donald comes in looking for Bobby and hopes Pippa will talk sense into her. Ailsa asks if Pippa actually said she disagreed with Bobby, pointing out she’s in favour of fostering.She tries to convince Don to take a rest but he says he has work to do at school.Karen and Haydn overhear and Karen tries to talk Don into taking the day off but he still has rosters to sort out.Karen and Haydn think Blake’s only chance is if Don stays at the Diner for a while.Don promptly finishes his coffee and leaves.Haydn goes after him.

Bobby goes to the store to talk to Alf and insists she hasn’t rushed into the idea of fostering.She points out Alf took in Blake and Karen but Alf responds that he has a wife, a job and a home and is settled in Summer Bay, whereas Bobby could meet someone and her life could change.He thinks it’s going to be a disaster so Bobby storms out, annoyed.Adam arrives as she leaves and asks Alf for the key to the hot water showers at the surf club.Alf refuses, saying Adam’s timing is poor, and tells him to buy deodorant instead.Later, Adam arrives home.Marilyn is cooking lasagne for dinner but Adam is in a bad mood over Pippa and Alf turning him down.Marilyn says he’d better find someone who’ll let him have a hot shower soon or settle for a cold one, otherwise he’ll smell so bad she won’t go near him.

Haydn is cycling towards the school.Meanwhile, Blake’s bike is on the lawn outside the building and he clambers in through the unlocked window.He is wandering through the corridors after getting the inner tubing when he hears someone coming and ducks into a classroom.Don looks into the classroom but doesn’t see him and Blake hides behind the door when Don comes in.After Don has gone, Blake slips away.

Bobby arrives at the Diner to talk to Ailsa.Ailsa isn’t keen on chatting.Bobby insists she hasn’t changed her mind and confirms that Pippa thinks it’s a good idea.She sees she’ll only get a child of school age so she can work during school hours.Ailsa is annoyed by the idea, since it means Bobby won’t be around for early morning, evening or weekend shifts.Bobby protests that Ailsa manages but Ailsa says she has Alf to help her and, when Bobby refuses to back down, says she doesn’t think their partnership will work with the arrangement Bobby suggests.

Haydn arrives at the school and sees Blake’s bike.He leaves his own next to it and goes to the window. After calling out for Blake and getting no response, he clambers inside.He goes out into the corridor looking for Blake but backs into Donald.Don sarcastically asks if he can help him.

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