Fisher wonders if he was wrong to expel Emma. Paul gives Steven an ultimatum.

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Blake gets off to a bad start with Donald Fisher. Sophie takes a liking to the new boy in town.

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Jane returns to Summer Bay with good news for Grant. Carly and Ben have their first argument.

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Blake, Sophie and Karen reduce Fisher’s loungeroom to a sodden mess. Ben accepts a job as mechanic at the local garage.

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Paul tricks Vicki into admitting her role in the theft of the examination papers. Blake realises Grant is a force to be reckoned with.


Blake finds it difficult to take orders from his new authority figures. Paul and Steven finally bring Vicki to justice.


Tom’s life insurance sparks a bout of despondency for Pippa. Carly is offended by Pippa’s refusal to become a partner in the purchase of the local garage.


Bobby’s agitation is cause for concern. What is her secret? Ailsa does all she can to dissuade Emma from leaving school.


Adam destroys Marilyn’s English essay. Who is the father of Bobby’s child?


Blake creates a major disturbance in the classroom. Bobby is pleasantly surprised by Fisher’s reaction to her news.


Bobby refuses to inform Chris Reynolds of her pregnancy. The strain begin to show in Jane and Grant’s relationship.


Sally gives Pippa the silent treatment. Alf catches Emma playing truant from school.


Marilyn discovers Adam has been up to no good. Emma starts to go off the rails.

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Marilyn is determined to make the most of Adam’s guilt. Emma’s behaviour stirs up trouble in the Fletcher and Stewart households.

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Sophie arranges to spend time alone with Blake. Emma leaves Summer Bay forever.

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Adam’s sensitivity is a source of amazement for Matt. Sophie gets herself into big trouble with Pippa.

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Sophie is punished for her negligence. Ben’s foray into domesticity turns sour. Grant realises he has made a big mistake committing himself to Jane.

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Carly receives a distressing phone call from her hated father. Jane and Grant lock horns.

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Carly will never have the opportunity to see her grandmother again. Grant realises he must end his relationship with Jane.

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