Episode 597

Australian Air Date: 7th August 1990
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Michael Sergi

Blake, Sophie and Karen reduce Fisher’s loungeroom to a sodden mess. Ben accepts a job as mechanic at the local garage.

Local garage operator who offered Ben a job following his impressive fix-up of his car.

Extended Summary

Blake, Karen and Sophie come to Fisher’s house and speak to Fisher. Blake apologises for the windscreen accident. Sophie and Karen go out of their way to try to convince Fisher that Blake really is ok. Blake says that he will pay the windscreen. They explain to Fisher about the work they can do around his house. They persuade him into accepting it so they will be able to do some work around the house.

Carly talks to Pippa about how upset Ben was. Pippa tell her not to worry.

Grant and Jane spend some time together in Grant’s caravan. Carly comes in and tells Jane that her Sergeant is on the phone and wants to speak to her. Jane speaks to the Sergeant. She found out that there has been a car accident. Jane hurries to get there. Carly is worried that Ben might have been involved in the car accident since he have been gone for some time now since he got so upset earlier. Carly talks to Pippa about it.

Late at night, Ben comes home. Carly is asleep at kitchen table! He wakes her up. They hug and they forgive each other. (Emotional music plays)
Ben explains why he was so late. He says that Pippa’s car broke down. Carly is upset since he could have phoned her to let her know. They start arguing again!

At morning, Carly talks to Sophie in the kitchen about Blake etc. Pippa comes in and talks about Ben. Carly explains that they had another argument again.

Ben and Carly forgive each other (again!).

Jane wakes up Grant in his caravan. Actually he already was awake, he was just pretending to be asleep. They kiss.

Sophie, Karen and Blake turns up at Fisher’s house since they will start to do some work around the house. He is about to go out to play tennis. He tells them what to do around the house and he tells them to be careful so they don’t mess something up.
Sophie wears a black mini-skirt to impress Blake. Carly helped Sophie to fix the skirt last night.

They start working outside Fisher’s house after he has left to play tennis. They turn on a water hose but they don’t know that it’s also connected to a water-sprinkler so Fisher’s window to the living room gets all splashed with water and the window is open as well! Another disaster is here! (Tense music plays)

Grant and Jane are looking for a flat to live in. They tell Alf about it in his store.

Karen give teases Sophie just because she likes Blake. Sophie splashes Karen with the water hose!

Blake goes inside Fisher’s house to get a towel for Karen. He notice that Fisher’s living room is soaked in water from the water-sprinkler outside the window! He screams to Karen to turn off the water quickly.

They try to get the place dry. They’re very worried of course!

Ben and Carly is about to drop Pippa’s car off to a garage for a mechanic to take a look at it but they guy that is working there (Ted) say that the mechanic has just quit!
Ted lets Ben borrow some of his stuff so Ben can fix it himself. Ted understands that Ben knows a fair bit about engines etc.

Jane and Grant found a flat that they like and they decide to take it.

Fisher is complaining to Carly about the tennis match since he lost. He blames the umpire naturally.

The guy at the garage offers Ben to work there as a mechanic. Ben is quite interested in that. Ben accepts the full-time job offer and will start working there tomorrow. Ben and Carly is very happy.

Blake, Sophie and Karen are desperately trying to get Fisher’s living room dry. All of a sudden, Fisher comes home and is NOT happy!

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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