Episode 596

Australian Air Date: 6th August 1990
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Michael Sergi

Jane returns to Summer Bay with good news for Grant. Carly and Ben have their first argument.

> Blake and Karen were looked after by their Uncle Alex after their mother died.

Extended Summary

Alf and Ailsa are sitting in the Diner with Blake and Karen. Alf is angry with Blake and says that he has to pay Fisher the cost of the broken windscreen on Fisher’s car. Blake won’t do that as since it was an accident. Alf is very angry.

Sally and Sophie apologise to Ben for taking his engine repair parts and they explain why they took them.

Ben talks to Grant in his caravan. He misses Jane very much since she is away from Summer Bay for a break in their relationship.

Ailsa thinks that Alf was a little bit too hard on Blake for the windscreen business. Alf says that Blake only got what he deserves.

Blake and Karen play pool in the surf club. They talk about the windscreen. Blake is determined not to pay for it but Karen persuades him to do the right thing even though it was an accident.

Alf offers to pay half of the cost of the windscreen to make it easier for Blake. Blake will have to pay $5 a week for 20 weeks to pay it off out of his pocket money.

Grant is out on the beach and notices a dead body near the water! He runs to it and notice that it is Jane lying there. Grant is very shocked. Luckily it was just Jane playing a nasty joke on him! He is very happy to see her again. They talk in the surf club and they are kissing. Jane has decided to leave the police force. They are very happy again.

Blake, Karen and Sophie play Trivial Pursuit instead of going to the cinema since they can’t afford it. Karen gets bored after a while and they decide to rent a video instead.

Jane is planning on getting a flat together with Grant. He loves the idea.

Carly is determined to find Ben a full-time job. He tells her that he will find a job himself.

Blake and Karen are having dinner at Pippa’s house tonight instead of at Alf’s house.

Alf talks to Blake. He says it was a good thing that Blake and Karen came to live with them. Alf likes them. Blake is grateful for that.

Sally and Ben are preparing dinner and talking. Blake, Karen call over and they watch a video with Sophie before dinner. The film they’re watching is Karate Kid, part 1. Karen thinks it is a bit boring as she has seen it a lot of times.

Blake and Karen are worried about starting school on Monday because they’re worried about Fisher due to the windscreen disaster.

Grant and Jane are having a special candlelit celebration dinner with champagne in the caravan.

Blake and Karen are eating dinner with the Fletcher family. Sophie comes up with an idea to get Fisher to see that Blake really is nice. Her idea is that Blake, Karen and Sophie offer to do some work around Fisher’s house for a bit of money and by doing that Blake will be paying off the windscreen sooner as well.

Carly apologises to Ben for trying to find him a job since he wants to be able to do that himself. Ben is OK with it but when he hears that she had talked to Ailsa about it earlier, he freaks out and is extremely angry! He says that they should sort their own problems out themselves without talking to other people about it. (Tense music)

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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