Episode 614

Australian Air Date: 30th August 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Michael Ailwood

Karen starts to take an active interest in Steven. Wendy is curious to know how Bobby and Chris came to be so well acquainted.

Return episode, last seen in #556. Returned to the Bay desperately searching for a fugitive Wendy and Suzie. Learned of Bobby’s pregnancy.

Extended Summary

Wendy and Susie meet Pippa and they move into a caravan in caravan park.

Fisher tells Bobby she has to tell Wendy about her romantic fling with her husband Chris Reynolds.

Bobby thinks it is a very bad idea.

Grant is out running on beach. Steven talks to him.

Steven is down due to Viv dumping him and Grant is also down due to splitting up with Jane etc. (Grant don’t know that Viv dumped Steven).

Karen talks to Steven on beach. She wants him to teach her surfing. He is doubtful but is impressed of her determination.

Pippa give Suzie a few books that Sally doesn’t read anymore.

Bobby talks to Pippa. Bobby explains about Chris. Pippa guessed it already. Bobby won’t tell Wendy but Pippa feel she have the right to know.

Karen watch Steven surf and talks more to him after that. Steven agrees to teach her to surf.

He says she will have to get a wet suit.

Karen asks Alf for a wet suit. She explains she will learn to surf. He laughs and say no. He think she will be interested a week or so and then forget about surfing. She tries to convince him she is serious. Maz agrees with Karen.

Fisher talks to Ailsa about the problems with Chris’s wife. Ailsa reckon things will be OK.

Steven talks to Pippa about that Viv dumped him for a new guy. Steven is upset. Pip tries to cheer him up.

Chris phones caravan park. Steven answers. He asks if some Reynolds have booked into caravan park. Steven says yes.

Pippa hear about it (and tell Steven he shouldn’t have given out that information) and she tells Wendy about phone call. They’re worried. Bobby hears it too.

Karen didn’t get wetsuit but she will get it later. She thinks of hiring a suit instead. Steven thinks it sound OK.

Chris turns up at Pippa’s house. He asks for Wendy. Steven says he can’t give out the information what caravan she is living in. Chris Reynolds gets uptight.

Steven phones Bobby and let her know. She tells Wendy.

Chris comes into Alf’s store. Alf is angry with him for what he did to Bobby a while ago. He asks for Wendy. Alf nearly said too much. Maz say she know nothing about it.

Maz talks to Alf about Chris. She is shocked when she realise Chris is Wendy’s husband and that he is father to Bobby’s baby.

Karen studies Romeo and Juliet. She thinks it is very romantic. Alf make fun of the story instead!

At evening, Chris turns up in Diner. He talks to Bobby and Wendy hears it. She realise they know each other. She asks them how they know each other. Suzie hugs Chris. (Tense music).

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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