Episode 613

Australian Air Date: 29th August 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Michael Ailwood

Grant and Jane finally put their relationship out of its misery. Bobby comes face to face with her ex-lover.

Final episode.
Irish delivery-man who delivered an ill-fated microwave to Grant and Jane.
First episode. Chris’ wife and Suzie’s mother. Sought refuge in the Bay after tiring of her husband’s womanising behaviour.
First episode. Chris and Wendy’s young daughter.

> Steven receives a letter from Viv breaking off their relationship.

Extended Summary

Bobby and Ailsa talk in the Diner. They know things aren’t good between Jane and Grant. They would like to help them stay together.

Grant comes home to tell Jane that he thinks they should split up. He tries to be calm but finds it hard to say it to her but when he say it she say the same thing at same time! They both realise it is for the best if they split up.

Karen seems to like Steven. She talks a lot to him in school.

Jane and Grant talks it through and they seem happy after all how things worked out now when they’re splitting up.

Ailsa comes up with a plan to get Jane and Grant to get on better (Ailsa and Bobby don’t know that they have split up).

Blake and Sophie drink in same milkshake in Diner. Bobby is happy for them being in relationship together.

A woman (Wendy) comes into Diner with a little girl (Suzie-3 year old). Wendy has just left her husband. She eats in Diner.

Ailsa is at Jane and Grant’s place. She tells them it would be good for them to sit down and talk about their problems. They tell her they are splitting up. Ailsa is surprised.

Karen talks to Sophie about Steven’s girlfriend Viv. Karen seems to like Steven but she pretends she doesn’t.

A man comes from a warehouse to deliver a microwave to Jane and Grant. They tell him to take it back since they don’t need it anymore.

Wendy talks to Bobby about her problems in Diner. Bobby says she will soon have a child herself. (Bobby gives them the food free)

Ailsa comes back to Diner and tell Bobby that Grant and Jane have split up.

Grant comes a little late to class due to him splitting up with Jane. Fisher is annoyed even though Grant had to fill in for Fisher a while ago when Fisher had to run out to talk to Bobby.

Bobby offers Wendy to look after Suzie a while in Diner while Wendy has to go out to do something (she will try to find a old friend called Louise). Wendy says she will come back as soon as she can. She is very grateful.

Grant gives class (Blake, Karen and Sophie’s class) homework. It is Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Wendy hasn’t come back to Diner yet. Bobby tells Ailsa she will take Susie home till Wendy comes back.

Bobby tells Ailsa to tell Wendy where she can find Bobby and Susie.

Steven gets a letter from Viv. Sophie is curious to see what Viv says. Viv dumps Steven due to distance between them. He get upset and hurt.

Jane leaves Summer Bay to go back to police force in city. Grant stops her while she drives away in car. They say goodbye. (Emotional music plays).

Steven think Viv’s letter was very bad timing since he posted a letter earlier today saying how much he loves her and after posting that he saw the letter from her. He is upset and talks to Ailsa about it.

Karen hears from Ailsa why Steven is so upset. Karen find out his girlfriend dumped her. Karen seems happy!

Wendy comes back. Ailsa tell her that Bobby took Suzie home. Ailsa give her the address.

Bobby is at Fisher’s house. Fisher has Suzie in his knee while reading a book. They have fun and Bobby have fun too. Wendy comes in to collect Suzie. Wendy and Bobby talk. Wendy didn’t get hold of her old friend Louise so she doesn’t know where to stay.

Bobby gives her idea to live in caravan at caravan park. She is thankful. Bobby phone Pip to book Wendy in. Bobby find out Wendy’s name is Wendy Reynolds (And also find out that Wendy’s husbands name is Chris Reynolds!). Fisher and Bobby suspect the worst.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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