Episode 615

Australian Air Date: 31st August 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Michael Ailwood

Blake gets the junior Iron-Man bug. Chris finds out about Bobby’s pregnancy.

Extended Summary

Bobby and Chris come up with a story on the spot so Wendy won’t find out they we’re romantically involved. He says he met her during some work when he had been in Diner for some lunch a couple of times. Wendy is suspicious.

Chris wants Wendy and Suzie to go home with him. Wendy say she will stay with Suzie in caravan over night and think about if she will go back to her husband or not.

Alf tell Grant he is sorry when he heard he split up with Jane.

Blake studies Shakespeare while listening to Mötley Crue! Grant knows about that group. Blake is shocked!

And Blake find out from Alf that Grant have won Iron Man competitions before. Blake is very surprised.

Matt helps Maz by looking through an essay she has written. She has accidentally written Adam the Great in it instead of Alexander the Great! Matt think it is funny and is convinced Adam and Maz must be interested in each other.

Blake gets interested in winning Iron Man competitions! Alf tell him it isn’t that easy.

Chris checks caravan out that Wendy lives in. He tries to talk her into getting back together with him. Bobby tries to convince Wendy not since she knows what s scumbag her husband is.

Bobby feels bad about lying to Wendy about that she actually had a relationship with Chris.

Maz and Adam act a bit strange to each other. They seem to be in love somehow even though they try to tell each other they aren’t in love. They watch TV.

Bobby talks to Fisher how bad it will be for Wendy if she goes back to Chris. Fisher reckons they should sort it out themselves.

Chris comes to Fisher house to talk to Bobby. He let him in. Chris thanks Bobby for not telling Wendy the truth. She says she didn’t do it for his sake.

She nearly told him about her baby that he is father too.

Blake talks to Grant on beach when he saw Grant working out on beach. Blake is very impressed of Grant. Blake tells him he would like to start training. He asks Grant if he can help him train. Grant says it is very hard work. Blake thinks it is the key to be rich and famous. Grant says you’ve got to have real motivation and not be doing it just to be rich and famous.

Wendy talks to Bobby. Wendy thinks of going back to Chris. Chris spends time with Suzie today. Bobby and Wendy argue about it a bit.

Bobby try to convince her it won’t do her any good to get back with Chris. Bobby tell her that Chris came around late to talk to Bobby last night to tell her to stop interfere with Wendy and him.

Grant heard that Adam and Maz is an item .Maz hear it from Grant and say it is no truth in it.

Chris and Suzie turn up in caravan park. He has a big bunch of roses that Suzie gives Wendy from him. He gives her chocolates as well.

He wants her to take him back. Bobby tries to talk her out of it again. Chris tells Bobby to stay out of it.

Bobby talks to Carly about how bad Chris is and that Wendy might get back to him. Carly reckon Bobby should tell her about her previous relationship with Chris so she will know how bad Chris really is. Bobby says she can’t do it.

Blake tells Matt and Adam he wants to train for Iron Man competitions. They tell him it is very hard training.

Blake trains a bit on beach and runs a lot and get very exhausted! (Rock music plays)

Alf is angry with Chris on beach. And he nearly says that Bobby is pregnant. (Tense music).

Chris comes to Bobby and asks her if she is pregnant. She admits it and says that he is the father and that she will keep the baby. Bobby says that either her or him have to tell Wendy the truth. (Tense music)

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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