Episode 616

Australian Air Date: 3rd September 1990
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Michael Sergi

Sophie decides Blake is not mature enough for her. Wendy finds out about Bobby’s pregnancy, placing Bobby’s life in danger.

Extended Summary

Alf and Ailsa talk. Alf feels bad about nearly saying to Chris that Bobby is pregnant. Alf try to phone Bobby to warn her. He can’t get hold of her.

Chris and Bobby talk. He doesn’t want her to keep the baby but Bobby is very determined to keep it.

Blake, Karen and Sophie do Shakespeare studying. They are supposed to translate texts into easier English. They have a pretty hard time.

Bobby tells Chris she won’t tell Wendy about the baby since it will get Wendy very depressed. He is thankful for that.

Alf apologises to Bobby for almost saying to Chris that Bobby was pregnant since that’s what made him guess that she really was pregnant.

Blake practises on beach to train to be an Iron Man. Sophie clocks him to be keeping record of Blake’s running times. She is pretty bored and talks to Grant while Blake is practicing.

Chris talks to Wendy. He wants to be back with her and Suzie. (Romantic music plays).

Wendy can’t decide what to do. He tries to convince her that he is serious about it.

She agrees to have dinner with Chris today.

Sophie gets even more bored of Blake training at beach and he won’t give up.

Karen comes over to the Fletchers and talks to Steven while waiting for Sophie (she made it up as an excuse to see Steven). She still likes him.

He fixes her a sandwich and then has to go to do some homework. She gets down since she wants to spend time with him.

Grant gives Blake a few ideas on how to train better. Sophie gets tired of Blake training and walks away from beach.

Sophie talks to Steven about how tired she is of Blake’s training all the time.

Wendy comes into Alf’s store to buy things for the dinner with Chris today. Maz talks to Alf about how bad things are for Bobby. Wendy overhears Maz taking to Alf about Bobby’s pregnancy to Chris Reynolds. She is shocked.

Wendy comes back to caravan. Chris is there. She get very angry with him and explain she know about Bobby’s baby etc. She get hysteric and kicks him out! He tries to explain but she won’t hear of it.

Chris drives outside Diner and looks at Bobby. (Tense music plays).

Maz reads about love in a magazine. Karen gets an idea to write love letters since she have a hard time to explain to Steven how she feels about him.

Chris chases Bobby in her car. He drives in his car. After a while they get out of their cars. He looks like a psycho and accuses Bobby of trying to break them up. She explains she didn’t tell anyone. He gets angrier. Bobby gets into her car to drive away but it won’t start. He hits on Bobby’s car. And she sees Chris getting a heavy tool from his car and it looks as if he will hit Bobby with it. She looks very frightened.

(Tense music).

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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