Episode 617

Australian Air Date: 4th September 1990
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Michael Sergi

Karen sends an anonymous love letter to Steven. Chris disappears, taking young Susie with him.

Extended Summary

Karen talks to Ailsa in kitchen in Diner. Ailsa is pretty stressed.

Bobby is hysterically trying to get the car to start and after a while it starts. Chris stands in the way. She drives towards him and around him. He is very upset and hits after her car as she drives away.

Karen asks Ailsa if she can use Alf’s typewriter. It is OK.

Bobby comes home. She says she feels a bit off today. She doesn’t tell Fisher what really happened.

But after a while she tells him what really happened. Fisher wants to call in police. Bobby begs him not to. They hug. (Emotional music plays)

Karen writes a love letter to Steven on Alf’s typewriter. It takes a long time until she gets it right. (Voiceover of what she writes while emotional music plays).

Bobby and Fisher talks more about how crazy Chris acted today since he thinks that Bobby told Wendy that she is pregnant. Fisher still wants to call in police. Bobby say no.

Fisher and Bobby drive to caravan park so Bobby can speak to Wendy.

Bobby talks to Wendy. Wendy is very angry with Bobby for not being sincere with her in the first place.

Chris comes to caravan park. Fisher sees him and is angry with him and Chris is angry as well. (tense music plays)

Sally and Suzie plays in Fletchers house. Ben is upstairs taking a shower. Chris takes Suzie away in his car.

He sees Wendy, Bobby and Fisher on his way to the car with Suzie. He drives off in a hurry. They run to Bobby’s car to chase him. Bobby’s car doesn’t start at first.

Karen continues to write her love letter. Alf comes in to use the typewriter.

Ben fixes Bobby’s car. Wendy and Bobby phones police and let them know what have happened.

They drive to police.

Sally is very worried that Chris will be mean to Suzie. Ben talks to her.

As Alf is using the typewriter there is some electrical fault in it and it blows up sort of and after that there is smoke. Alf and Karen get very shocked!

Alf have to get the electrical typewriter to get it fixed. Karen has to write her love letter by hand it seems.

Ben talks to Wendy and give it a try to cheer her up. She talks about Chris and Suzie. She is emotionally upset.

Ben has to get out on work. His boss phoned when Sally answered and then Ben talked to him and then leaves out. A car has broken down and that’s the reason Ben was called out on work.

When Ben turns up at the broken car he don’t know that it is Chris Reynolds’ car and Chris is there as well! Ben notices Suzie in the back seat and he get suspicious.

Karen has finished her love letter and goes out to deliver it. (Emotional music plays)

Chris keeps Suzie entertained. She is drawing. Ben have a look at Chris car and he say deliberately that the fault of the car is more serious than it actually is. Ben says he has to drive to get some things to fix the fault.

Chris talks to Suzie and when Ben leaves Suzie say: “Bye Ben!” Chris recognise the name and know he must be onto him.

Karen talks to Ailsa about if love letters is a good idea. She says some guys might appreciate it.

Karen posts her letter to Steven but acts innocent to Ailsa when she see her posting the letter.

Ben drives to the Diner and runs in. He tells Fisher and Bobby that he has found Chris and Suzie.

When they drive there with Wendy they notice that Chris’ car is gone. Ben suspects Chris might have recognised him and ran off!

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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