Episode 593

Australian Air Date: 1st August 1990
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Michael Offer

Emma’s plan to get Vicki expelled backfires

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Extended Summary

Emma talks to Marilyn in Alf’s store. Maz talks about school and how excited she is about it. Steven walks in. He wants to know what Emma have planned to get back at Vicki. Emma doesn’t tell him about her plan.

Ben and Carly tries the kettle which they got as a present from Fisher now that it is fixed. When Steven plugs it in, the fuse blows up so the whole kitchen and the living room are dark!

Fisher is working late at the school. Emma sneaks in to put her plan in action (the plan to get back at Vicki Baxter). Fisher hears some noises but doesn’t check it out (tense music plays).

Ben fixes the fuse in the kitchen and now the lights are back on again.

Ben brings a ladder back to Fisher in the school which Ben had borrowed earlier. Before Ben comes to the school, Emma have sprayed a heart with the text “Fisher + Pippa” on the blackboard in a classroom. She puts the spray can in Vicki’s locker to get her into trouble! Ben arrives at the school with the ladder and Emma acts innocent and says that she forgot a history book in her locker. Ben believes her.

The next morning, Steven hears from Ben that Emma was in the school late last night. Steven suspects that Emma probably has done something to get back at Vicki. He phones Paul and tells him about it.

Vicki, Paul and Steven checks the school out in the early morning to see what Emma did as Paul and Steven doesn’t want Vicki to get framed for something since their plan to get Vicki to tell the truth about setting Emma up with the stolen exam papers won’t work otherwise.

Vicki finds the spray-can in her locker. Steven and Paul notice the graffiti on the blackboard. Steven is a bit upset since the graffiti involves Pippa as well as Fisher. Steven tells Paul that they have to try to get it off the blackboard somehow.

Marilyn does her maths homework in the Diner. She has some difficulties in catching up with some basic geometry and Fisher notices that.

Paul and Steven try to get the spray graffiti off the blackboard but it doesn’t seem to work.

Fisher hasn’t heard from Bobby yet (Bobby is away on a holiday).

Ben has told Fisher that the kettle works OK now even though it doesn’t! Carly hears that from Fisher when he says how happy he is when it works OK now! She understands that Ben lied to him just so he won’t get hurt.

Marilyn and the rest of the class try to get into the classroom but Vicki keeps them outside as Paul and Steven are in there, desperately trying to get the spray off the blackboard! Fisher arrives and won’t let Vicki stand in his way. He walks in and he notices the graffiti. He is upset, of course.

Carly phones the company which made the kettle to get a new one from the warranty. She doesn’t know that the warranty is out of date as Fisher had the kettle without using it for about 2 years!

Fisher talks to Steven in his office. Steven says that he and Paul are innocent regarding the graffiti incident and that they don’t know who did it. Fisher is angry.

Marilyn hasn’t been able to finish the homework which is due today. Fisher isn’t impressed when he hears about it in class.

Ben and Carly talks about the kettle disaster. They don’t want to hurt Fisher’s feelings. Carly found out, when the kettle company phones back, that the warranty is out of date and that it was bought about 2 years ago. She doesn’t believe it!

A woman (Mrs Prendergast) comes into the Diner and accuses Pippa of having a relationship with Fisher! Pippa is curious of where Mrs Prendergast heard that rumour.

Emma and Vicki are in the Diner and they start arguing since Emma tried to frame Vicki for the graffiti spraying. Emma denies it. Paul and Steven have to say (just so they won’t spoil their plan to get Vicki to own up about setting Emma up with the stolen exam papers) that they also suspect that Emma isn’t telling the truth as they know that Emma was in the school last night. (Steven reckons this is what’s needed to get Vicki to trust him and Paul. It is what they want because then Vicki will probably own up, at least to them, about the fact that she was the one that did set Emma up with the stolen exam papers)

Vicki and Emma start a fight in the Diner. Steven and Paul try to break it up; Pippa and Carly interrupts them and hear about the spraying on the blackboard. Pippa is upset and drags Emma into the kitchen in the Diner and says that they need to talk!

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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