Episode 608

Australian Air Date: 22nd August 1990
Writer: John Coulter
Director: Julian McSwiney

Sophie arranges to spend time alone with Blake. Emma leaves Summer Bay forever.

Final episode. Left Summer Bay for a waitressing job in Queensland.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Karen and Blake talk to Grant in Diner. They are grateful that Grant helped them to prove that Karen was right in the argument about a history question a while ago. Blake thanks Grant as well.

Sophie comes by and talks to Blake and Karen.

Emma is upset and talks to Ailsa. Emma hate that she have dyed her hair black now and she reckons she might not get the tourism job now even though she actually got the job as they told Ailsa on phone. Ailsa try to cheer her up.

Sophie and Blake plan to go out on a movie. Sophie reckons they could sneak in for free but Blake doesn’t think it is a great idea.

Ailsa and Emma come up with an idea to try to fix her hair with a hairdresser. Alf walks in and sees Emma’s hair and get very angry. Emma gets very upset also and cries and screams hysterically when Alf yell at her. Ailsa calms Alf down.

Blake will be doing life-saving lessons now when he get on with Grant OK.

Sophie tells Grant they will go to cinema to see the movie “Look Who’s Talking Now”. She tells him she wants to go only with Blake but Karen will come as well. Sophie is a bit down about that. (Emotional music plays)

Emma explains to Paul about the job. He is very understanding. He says he will miss her a lot when she has left. She says he can visit her. He is glad that she got the job.

Emma explains that her feelings have cooled down for Paul. (Emotional music plays). They say their goodbyes and hugs. And Emma gives him a last kiss too. (emotional music)

Bobby is upset over Fisher interfering in her child’s soon-to-come birth and upbringing etc. She wants to make the plans for her own child her own way. She makes him understand that.

Emma visits Fisher in his office and asks for a reference from him. He writes her one. She says she is serious about career and job etc. Fisher is impressed.

During dinner with Ailsa, Alf, Karen and Blake, Sophie comes in and she tells them she can’t go to the cinema today. She acts mysterious. (Tense music)

Grant and Bobby try to cheer Paul up over Emma leaving Summer Bay. Fisher has a hard time to write a good reference for Emma. Emma gives him a few ideas to make it appear better!

Karen speaks to Sophie in Diner. Karen understands Sophie wanted to go to movies with Blake only. She says it is OK. So now Sophie can go with Blake only. But Sophie thinks it is too late since Blake will realise that Karen the problem. Sophie reckons she will look as if she is coming on too strong or something. Karen will help Sophie come up with a plan.

Ailsa helps Emma to pack. Karen tell Blake she don’t feel like going to the movies so Sophie will “have” to go alone with him. Karen acts as if she is feeling a bit sick.

Fisher tells Bobby he won’t plan any more for Bobby’s baby. Not without “permission” anyway…

Emma says good-bye to Alf. (emotional music plays). They hug.

Blake talks to Karen. He understands Karen act sick as a plan to get Sophie and him alone on movie. Blake also wanted to go alone with Sophie so its turned out perfect. He says he won’t tell Sophie he know about the plan.

Emma say goodbye to Ailsa near the bus before she get on it. (emotional scene with music)

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