Ailsa realises that Emma is innocent. Bobby loses the election but wins out over Ernie Jacobs.

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Sally is upset by Ben’s plans to cut the wings off her friends, the chooks. Emma sees that she is only hurting herself by rejecting Paul.

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Sally strikes a blow for animal liberation. Adam vows the girls’ night out will be one to remember.

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Alf loses his licence. Pippa’s new car is a bad buy.

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Marilyn gives an embarrassed Carly a very generous gift. Ailsa realises Donald’s generosity towards Pippa is motivated by something other than neighbourly kindness.

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Grant realises he has offended Jane. An observant Ailsa realises Donald’s feelings for Pippa run deeper than anyone thinks.

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Pippa is apprehensive about her date with Donald. Ben’s family arrive unexpectedly and Steven finds himself in the clutches of an Italian seductress.

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Alf decides cycling is not a healthy means of transportation. Steven tries to deflect the unwanted attentions of Francesca.

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Francesca turns her back on Steven and reveals her true feelings for Angelo. A practical joke played on Ben goes horribly wrong.

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Angelo skips town to avoid confrontation over his pre-wedding prank. Will Ben make it back to Summer Bay in time to tie the knot?


Ben finally makes it back to Summer Bay and he and Carly are married at last.


The newlyweds depart for their honeymoon. Grant is unaware of the danger Jane may be in.


Grant realises Jane is not the woman he thought she was. Fisher declares his true feelings to Pippa.


The friendship between Donald and Pippa will never be quite the same. Grant delivers an ultimatum. Could this mean the end of his relationship with Jane?


Vicki plots to steal Paul away from Emma. Jane decides to give up the police force.


Jane makes a shock announcement. Steven concocts a plan to clear Emma’s name once and for all.


A harmless prank played on Ben and Carly goes wrong. Paul’s lies start to catch up with him.


Marilyn is accepted into year 12 at Summer Bay High School. Alf is shocked when two 15 year old kids turn up on his doorstep with the intention of moving in.

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Fisher is convinced his wedding present fraud will remain undetected. Bobby receives worrying news from her doctor. The twins feel unwanted in the Stewart household.

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