Episode 589

Australian Air Date: 26th July 1990
Writer: Kit Oldfield
Director: Julian McSwiney

Marilyn is accepted into year 12 at Summer Bay High School. Alf is shocked when two 15 year old kids turn up on his doorstep with the intention of moving in.

First episode. Karen’s twin brother. Son of Margot, Ailsa’s old jailmate, who visited the Bay to stay at the Stewarts following Margot’s death from cancer.
First episode. Blake’s twin sister. Daughter of Margot, Ailsa’s old jailmate, who visited the Bay to stay at the Stewarts following Margot’s death from cancer.

Extended Summary

Pippa and Carly talk. Carly enjoys being married to Ben.

Maz talks to Fisher. She is about to do a test to be able to start in year 12 to get her HSC. She is worried how she will do on the test.

Blake and Karen Dean arrive in Summer Bay by bus. They’re looking for the Diner to see Ailsa. They know her a little bit since she knew their mother Margo Dean who is now dead from cancer since a while back.

Adam wants Alf to offer him some work as he is a bit short on cash. Alf says a strict no to that as Adam has stuffed up a lot of things earlier for Alf. It is obvious that Alf thinks that Adam is a walking disaster!

Blake and Karen come to the Diner and Alf runs into Karen by accident. They don’t know Alf at this point. They talk to Bobby in the Diner. She explains that Ailsa is in the city for the day. Blake and Karen buy some food and sit at a table and are talking.

Apparently Blake and Karen have ran away from their Uncle Alec whom they used to live with after their mother Margo died. Their father disappeared before Karen’s birth. They don’t get on at all with Alec and Blake is determined not to go back to him.

Maz has made the test to be able to start year 12 in the school. She is very excited on how she did on the test. Fisher says that he will mark it later during the lunch period.

Blake and Karen talk some more in the Diner. They know that Alf is Ailsa’s husband but they don’t know who Alf is or what he looks like. Karen seems to like Summer Bay but it is obvious that Blake doesn’t think it was such a good idea to come to Summer Bay.

Sophie is still worried as she needs some money for the school excursion. She will try to get some money by ripping people off like she used to do with her father when she first came to Summer Bay. She pretends that she lost $10 and looks through the garbage bin. Blake and Karen walk by and ask her what she is doing. She says she have lost her money. They ask where the Stewarts store is. Sophie tells them where it is. An older lady walks by and Sophie manages to con her into giving her some money. Blake is rather impressed.

Blake and Karen are in Alf’s store while Maz is talking to Alf about a trick question in the test she did at the school. They realise that the guy that bumped into Karen is Alf. They don’t say that they know Ailsa and why they are in Summer Bay.

Blake and Karen talk friendly to Sophie about the money that she managed to get from old lady. Sophie is very defensive when she talks to them.

Fisher tells Marilyn that she passed the test with flying colours. He is amazed but he doesn’t really think it is a good idea for her to start school again since she is much older than the rest of the students in year 12 (she is 22!). She is very excited and is determined to start school no matter what. To show Fisher how grateful she is, she kisses him on the cheek in the Diner! Fisher is embarrassed!

Carly is planning a special dinner for herself and Ben.

Maz talks to Alf. She is very excited about being able to start school again and she buys a few things for school in Alf’s store.

Sally is collecting soft-drink cans to get some extra money. Sophie helps her out and they’ve managed to collect a lot of cans. They give them to Alf and he pays them for it since the cans will be recycled.

Sally is jealous since Carly and Ben will eat a roast for dinner and the rest of family will just eat sausages!

Ben has been doing some renovating at Alf’s house.

Blake and Karen come to Alf’s house. They explain to Alf that they know Ailsa and they also explain how they know her. Ailsa isn’t home yet. They tell Alf that they have come to Summer Bay to live there permanently with Alf and Ailsa! Alf is very puzzled and shocked of course!

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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