Episode 573

Australian Air Date: 4th July 1990
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Michael Offer

Sally strikes a blow for animal liberation. Adam vows the girls’ night out will be one to remember.

Extended Summary

At the diner Bobby and Carly are making a final check of the guest list for the hen’s night. Pippa calls the diner to ask Bobby for a lift to the health clinic with Chris, but her car is off the road at the garage. Fisher overhears and offers to take her himself.

Ben, Grant, Adam and Matt congregate at the surf club before the bucks night. Adam offers to invite more guys but Ben isn’t keen as they aren’t friends of his, but is eventually convinced.

Sally asks Murray to help her save the chickens from having their wings clipped.

At summer bay house Fisher helps Pippa and Chris to the car, but she insists on sitting in the back with Chris.

Carly and Bobby continue to keep their hens party plans a secret from Ben and Grant, who are also keen to find out what the boys have planned. Both parties agree to stop asking questions but discover that both groups are going out on the same evening.

After the trip to the health clinic Fisher comes back to summer bay house with Pippa and stays for a cup of tea. Donald has something to tell Pippa but is interrupted by Ben who has discovered that all of the chickens are missing. At the diner Donald ponders what more he can do to help Pippa but Ailsa tells him she’s more than capable of looking after herself. Donald returns to summer bay house and tells Pippa that he’s found a car for sale by a friend of his that may be of interest to her. Pippa still hasn’t received Tom’s insurance money and is reluctant to fall further into debt. Donald offers to loan her the money interest free but Pippa maintains that she doesn’t want to be in debt to anyone. She thanks him anyway with a kiss on the cheek.

Sally and Murray agree to help Ben look for the missing chickens by asking the neighbouring caravans. Later Ben hasn’t found them and tells Sally and Murray that he’s decided to call the police. Ben scares them with stories about what could happen to the chickens if they’re found by foxes.

Ailsa also offers to loan Pippa money if she’s struggling, but she declines. Having drawn the truth out of Sally and Murray, Ben tells Pippa that they know what happened to the chickens. Ben corrects Sally over the meaning of ‘winging’ the chickens, and that he won’t hurt them in any way, and she shows him where they are.

Donald apologises for his previous offer of a loan, and for making Pippa uncomfortable. She agrees she handled it badly and when she discovers that the offer is still open she takes him up on it.

Back at the diner the boys and girls continue to argue over which party can have their evening out that day. Pippa flips a coin in order to decide it once and for all. Bobby calls tails and wins it for the girls, much to Adams disappointment. He decides to find a way to pay them back for ruining their bucks evening.

Guest Cast



Was taken with Pippa to his inoculations by Donald.