Episode 575

Australian Air Date: 6th July 1990
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Michael Offer

Alf loses his licence. Pippa’s new car is a bad buy.

Extended Summary

Alf is dressed in his suit ready for his court appearance but he doesn’t want Ailsa to come with him. She points out he may need someone to drive him home if the worst comes to the worst but Alf thinks everything will be OK. He leaves and Emma asks if he’s going to a funeral but Ailsa says it’s nothing like that.

At Summer Bay House, Pippa, Carly, Sophie, Ben and Steven discuss the hen and bucks parties last night. Steven claims the guys just sat around and talked but Sophie cryptically says it cost them heaps. Steven and Ben question Pippa about the new car she’s getting this morning from a friend of Donald’s and are concerned she doesn’t know any details about it and hasn’t had it inspected. Pippa trusts Donald’s judgement.

Ailsa bosses Emma around as they clean the house and Emma asks what’s really going on. After some pestering, Ailsa gives in and tells her Alf is in court for driving over the limit. Emma thinks it’s hilarious; wait till everyone finds out about this! Ailsa tells her if she wants to be a part of their family she will keep their problems to herself.

Donald delivers the car to Summer Bay House and everyone comes out to look at it. Pippa gets Ben to take a photo of her in it, and she and Donald take it for a spin. Ben says that was the last photo; he’ll take the film to be developed later. Carly can’t wait to see the photos from last night. Ben says he’ll get to see what she really got up to!

Grant is at the Diner and Bobby correctly guesses that the guys were playing cards last night. Carly arrives and Grant leaves to meet Ben and Steven at the surf club. Carly tells Bobby about the new car and Ben getting the film developed. Bobby breaks the news that she took a photo of Carly dancing with the stripper; Ben is going to freak!

Donald and Pippa are driving along, discussing how perfect the car is, when of course the engine suddenly cuts out!

Carly goes to the surf club and rummages in Ben’s bag for the camera but Ben, Steven and Grant come in and catch her. Carly claims she’s so desperate to see the photos she thought she’d go and get them sooner. Ben asks if there’s something on the film she doesn’t want him to see. Carly denies it but Ben says he wants first look at the pictures and he hopes she hasn’t been playing up!

Donald and Pippa look in the engine and Donald apologises to Pippa, embarrassed.

Ben, Grant and Steven return to the house, still discussing the photos. Ben says he has some jobs to do for Pippa so won’t be able to pick up the photos until tomorrow or the day after. Steven says he could develop them if he could get into the school photo lab, and of course Grant has a key. Ben tells them to go for it.

Pippa tries the ignition again and the car starts.

Back at the Diner, Carly is stressing about the photos. What if Ben calls off the wedding? She decides the best thing to do would be to tell Ben about it before he sees the pictures and she abandons making the lunches to go and find him.

Sophie turns the TV off and pretends to be studying as Pippa and Donald return. Pippa invites Donald to stay for lunch and he has an awkward conversation with Sophie about her school work. Sophie tells Pippa she’s going to skip lunch! Carly bursts in, looking for Ben. She goes to his caravan and finds it empty; Ben’s left her! She rushes back to the house in a state so Donald makes a quick exit. Pippa is amused and tells Carly that Ben only moved his things out of the van so they can paint it! Carly still worries he’s going to leave her.

Alf calls Ailsa from the courthouse. He needs Ailsa to come and pick him up. He’s got a $250 fine and a three month suspension from driving. Emma offers to come to drive Alf’s car back. Alf isn’t pleased she knows, but the whole of Summer Bay is going to read about it in the paper.

Steven returns with the photos and Ben looks at them. Carly is relieved to find Bobby’s finger was over the lens and blocked out the stripper! Sophie comes downstairs and asks for a lift to Kez’s in the new car. However, it fails to start. They go back inside and Pippa asks Ben to look at the car. Steven tells Pippa he told her she should have had it inspected.

Alf, Ailsa and Emma return to the house after dark. Emma tries to get them to agree to her having one of the cars while Alf can’t drive but Alf isn’t having it. He’s in a bad mood about how harsh the judge was and worries about losing business at the store if he can’t make deliveries.

Steven is looking at the service book and tells Pippa the car hasn’t had any maintenance for a couple of years. Ben comes inside and tells Pippa she’s been ripped off; the car is terminal.

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