Episode 235

Australian Air Date: 1st February 1989
UK Air Date: 9th January 1990
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Richard Sarell

Carly admits her problem to the family and decides to fight it. But when word gets out, it looks as if the battle may be too tough.

Extended Summary

Tom phones Phil and tells him about Carly’s addiction to alcohol.

Sally doesn’t want to go to bed.

Carly tells Bobby, Steven and Pippa that she has a drinking problem. (Emotional music plays)

Carly and Tom talk to Phil about the drinking problem and how it works. Carly had been drinking every night for 3 months so she’s definitely addicted. Phil tells her she will need counselling.

The first thing is to start to stay sober for 3 days (go cold turkey) to get all alcohol out of her body.

During the night, Carly is going through hell. She is throwing up and sweating; she also seems to have hallucinations. Pippa and Tom support her throughout the night.

Sally is awake and asks Steven what is wrong with Carly. She is worried that Carly is dying. Steven explains to her what is wrong with her and about cold turkey.

The next morning, Sally plays “cold turkey”. Martin and Lance notice it and that it’s about Carly. Lance can’t understand but Martin thinks Carly has a drug problem.

Tom tells Martin and Lance that it isn’t a drug problem. He says it’s a drinking problem.

Roo starts working in Stacey’s office.

Roo tells Frank that Alison suggested that Roo should put itching powder in Bobby’s wedding dress! Roo would not do it and she thinks Alison is a “pathetic slimehead!”

Alison is at the beach sunbathing. Her little sister Kim wants her to help to build a sandcastle. Alison heard from Kim that Carly is going through “cold turkey”.

Phil comes to the Fletchers to see how things are going for Carly.

Alison tells all her friends in Diner that Carly is a junkie!

Ailsa gets very angry with Alison for talking bad about Carly. She throws Alison out of the Diner.

Carly overhears Fisher telling Pippa about a rumour that Carly is a drug addict. Pippa explains to him that it is a drinking problem.

When Pippa comes into Carly’s room she notices that Carly has gone!

Ola Carlsson, 1999

Guest Cast


Forty-fourth appearance, last seen in #234. Investigated Carly’s return to the city.

First appearance. Alison, Mav and Skye’s younger sister. Played with Sally on the beach.