Episode 234

Australian Air Date: 31st January 1989
UK Air Date: 8th January 1990
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Richard Sarell

Carly has a hard time when everyone gossips, but realises what a good friend Bobby is when she asks her an important question.

Extended Summary

Sally wants to put up Christmas decorations again just to welcome Carly home. Bobby explains that Carly would rather appreciate it if everyone acts normal.

While Pippa, Carly and Steven are on their way home, Alison is fixing her bicycle next to a puddle. Alison hassled Carly earlier, so Pippa drives right through the puddle purposely; Alison gets soaked and dirty!

The diner has opened.

Carly comes home and Bobby is being friendly to her.

Bobby wants Carly to be her bridesmaid.

Roo is back from her holiday with Alf and Ailsa. She drops by the Macklins office to see Frank.

Roo tells Frank she has been offered a job as a secretary in Stacey’s office.

When Carly is alone in her room she drinks more alcohol but later changes her mind and pours it out in the sink.

Tom comes home from work and welcomes Carly home.

Tom opens a beer and Carly gets tempted to drink again. She goes out and calls over to Fisher’s house. She asks him how her HSC results were. Carly notices a bottle of alcohol on the table in the living room and is even more tempted to drink.

Carly is about to take a sip of it when Fisher walks into the living room again. Carly asks him if she can repeat year 12.

Carly tells Pippa that she is going back to school.

Tom takes out a bottle of alcohol to celebrate that. Carly say she does not want any but Tom won’t take no for an answer. Carly drops her glass.

Carly is in her room and tells Tom that she has become addicted to alcohol and that she needs help…

Ola Carlsson, 1999

Guest Cast

Forty-third appearance, last seen in #228. Laughed at Carly’s wimpy return to the Bay.

Fourth and final appearance, last seen in #219. Took a fancy to Matt.