Episode 233

Australian Air Date: 30th January 1989
UK Air Date: 5th January 1990
Writer: Anthony Ellis
Director: Richard Sarell

Pippa and Steven go to the city to collect Carly from the hospital. Stacey’s fiancé brings some excitement to the beach.

Extended Summary

Carly is in hospital. She had taken an overdose of drugs.

Pippa and Steven visit her at the hospital.

Phil is jealous of Stacey and her new boyfriend now that they are engaged.

Carly explains to Pippa about what happened. They hug. (Emotional music plays)

Carly talks about how bad things went for her when she moved to the city (partying with wrong kind of people). Carly says she got the drugs from a friend called Annabelle.

Celia and Betty talk on the beach about gossip! Celia sees a man coming out of the water – he is not wearing anything and trying to cover his private parts! Celia decides to tell him off and orders Betty to report!

Steven talks to Carly at the hospital.

Pippa calls over to where Carly stayed and meets Annabel. She is very angry with her. They argue about drugs.

Pippa pretends she has called the police and says so. Annabel is worried and flushes her drugs worth about 2000 dollars down the toilet.

Stacey calls into the shop and demands to speak to Philip in private. They have an argument; Betty and Celia are eavesdropping!

Carly is nervous about going home and drinks some alcohol secretly before she leaves the hospital.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

Guest Cast




Eighth appearance, last seen in #228. Helped Celia corner a naked Nicholas.

Second appearance, last seen in #226. Was threatened by Pippa in her search for Carly.

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