Maggie’s life takes another disastrous turn. Dean gives Ash a dangerous solution to his subpoena. Will Olivia & Hunter get back together?


Ash lands in the middle of a tough situation. Maggie faces the reality of her diagnosis. Robbo is forced to confront his demons.


Robbo’s trial is hurled off the rails by Ash. Alf and Roo confront their past with Martha. Ava goes missing.


2018 Commonwealth Games Cliffhanger

Robbo’s moment of judgement is overtaken by a shocking development. The search for Ava kicks into high gear. Is Ziggy’s sacrifice too dangerous for Maggie to accept?


2018 Commonwealth Games Return

Justin’s deepest fears become reality as the search for Ava intensifies. Ash grows frustrated as the mystery about what happened at Robbo’s trial thickens. Colby grows closer to Jasmine.


Robbo’s memories finally return. The Morgans learn Ava has been kidnapped. Colby’s mysterious past gets in the way of his relationship with Jasmine. The community rallies to support Maggie.


Justin’s risky plan fractures his family. Alf suspects Roo is hiding something. Will Ziggy’s sacrifice be enough to save Maggie?


Justin’s meeting with Ava’s kidnapper is thwarted by the police. Can Ben & Maggie help Coco with her feelings of isolation?


The race to save Ava from the kidnappers is on. Colby is forced into desperate measures as lives are put at risk. Irene and Marilyn help revive Maggie’s spirits after chemo.


Colby’s career hangs in the balance. Robbo returns to the Bay with unfinished business. Olivia lets go of Hunter.


How will Ash react when he hears the truth about Robbo’s past? Olivia makes a drunken proposal, with big consequences. Alf struggles with unresolved issues linked to Martha’s reappearance.


Justin faces the consequences of Ava’s kidnapping. Tori blames Robbo for pushing Ash out of town. Leah’s friends inspire her to find a fresh purpose.


Dean pushes Ash to the brink. Will Willow ask Justin to choose between her and Ava? John and Marilyn make Raffy an offer she can’t refuse.


Ash loses his mind and says goodbye. Justin is bewildered by the breakup. Maggie gets a shock. Dean wants answers.


Will Dean sell Colby down the River? Can Maggie cope while Ben goes back to work? Can Olivia and Jasmine make their new housing arrangement work?