Things get heated between Sid, Lisa and her husband, and Lisa is forced to deny that anything has happened between her and Sid. Marilyn is frustrated at her ‘friendship’ with John, and Jett believes he’s jeopardising his relationship with Gina. Liam reveals to Leah that Adam is connected with Brax.

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Lisa confides in Sid and Sasha. Natalie is glad that things are working out between Casey and Sasha, but Sasha has a secret that could jeopardise everything. Roo is stressed out about her upcoming wedding to Harvey.

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Brax and Heath try to convince Kyle to confess to kidnapping Casey. Natalie convinces Sasha to tell Casey she might be pregnant, but she can’t find the right time. John tries to be the ultimate handyman.

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Romeo convinces Sasha to take the test – is she pregnant? Jamie continues to hang around Leah’s work, and later shows up uninvited at her house. Gina tells John she wants their lives to return to the way they were.

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Jamie is the prime suspect when the Diner gets broken into, but Adam has an alibi. Liam is in for a shock when he snoops in Jamie’s room. Romeo and Indi discuss whether or not to have the baby.

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Adam tells Bianca he could get rid of Heath for good. Leah is freaked out when she realises the extent of Jamie’s obsession. Sid is angry when he founds out that Lisa had lunch with Neil. Dex’s positive mood quickly takes a turn.

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Who knocked out Sid? Dex and Sid aren’t happy when Sasha and Casey arrive at the hospital as a couple. Indi makes it clear to Lisa that her problems are a burden the Walkers can’t face. Brax is shocked to find out that Tamara is real.

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Leah’s concerns about Jamie grow stronger when things start going missing from her house. Sasha is seething at Tamara’s return – but will she testify? April is worried about Bianda and how she’s dealing with Rocco’s death.

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Leah receives a text from Jamie – a photo of her sleeping from the night before! Jamie grabs VJ at the beach… can he be stopped? The Braxtons prepare for Casey’s day in court.

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Kyle has his day in court, and all hope rests on Kyle and Tamara. Indi is afraid Sid will be attacked by Neil, and Lisa is upset that she’s managed to involve the Walkers in her problems. Harvey can’t decide who to pick as his groomsmen.

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Sid arrives at Angelo’s just in time to save Indi from Neil. John and Gina are getting used to being back together, but Jett isn’t convinced that they’ll stay together. Roo asks Marilyn to be her Maid of Honour, while Harvey struggles to choose a best man.

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Dex wakes up from his coma unaware of what’s happened. Harvey is upset that Roo has asked his old friend Winston to be his best man. Bianca tries to make peace with Liam and Heath.

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The Braxton brothers anxiously await Casey’s verdict. Bianca is relieved to find out Irene kept Rocco’s things. Dex struggles to keep his seizure a secret from Sid and Indi.

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Romeo is under pressure to tell his family about his seizures. Sid is increasingly concerned for Lisa’s whereabouts. Casey’s verdict is finally read out, but where does this leave Kyle?

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Adam is reluctant to help bail Kyle out. Tamara reveals more about her difficult upbringing, but Sasha warns her to stay away from Casey. Harvey struggles to deal with Winston’s enthusiasm for the wedding, to the annoyance of Alf and Roo. Jamie continues to stalk Leah.

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Jamie logs onto VJ’s chat profile and chats with Jett, trying to get information on where Leah and VJ have gone. Sid is worried when Lisa announces she’s returning to Neil – what is she playing at? Harvey’s calls for a quiet bucks night are in vain, while Roo’s excitement for her hen party may also be in vain.

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Harvey has too much fun at his bucks’ night, Marilyn confesses she’s in over her head planning the hens’, and Bianca breaks up with Adam. Meanwhile, Jamie does a favour for Adam by manipulating Heath, in exchange for information about Leah’s whereabouts.

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As Celia and Morag return for the wedding, Roo questions whether she can marry Harvey. Dex breaks up with April. Bianca won’t let Heath give up on them.


Roo calls the wedding back on. Sid learns of Dex’s seizure. April and Dex realise they’re better as a team. Sasha catches Tamara kissing Casey.


Casey has to choose between Sasha and Tamara. Dex complains that April and Sid are treating him like a child. Brax reminds his brother that it may be best to avoid relationships.

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