Episode 5645

Australian Air Date: 9th November 2012
UK Air Date: 25th January 2013

Who knocked out Sid? Dex and Sid aren’t happy when Sasha and Casey arrive at the hospital as a couple. Indi makes it clear to Lisa that her problems are a burden the Walkers can’t face. Brax is shocked to find out that Tamara is real.

Extended Summary

Sid is at the hospital after being knocked out. He tells the kids he doesn’t know how it happened, but it’s clear he and Lisa suspect Neil. Indi also believes Neil was behind her father’s attack. Sergeant Emerson tells Sid he knows there have been issues with Lisa’s husband – he broke the news of the AVO to Neil and he took it badly.

Sasha and Casey get to the hospital as a couple, much to the shock and disapproval of Dex and Sid. Sasha asks Sid to give Casey a second chance. Sid tells her she’s a child and Sasha angrily asserts that she had to take a pregnancy test. To Sid this confirms his daughter’s immaturity. He tells her to end it with Casey. Dex asks Sid to reconsider the way he deals with Sasha. After talking with Dex, Sid apologises to Sasha, and asks for no more secrets between them.

Indi makes it clear to Lisa that her problems are a burden the Walkers can’t face, and Lisa leaves. Indi regrets her harshness, and when she tells Sid what she’s done, he finds a dejected Lisa at Angelo’s. He sets her up in a motel, and she thanks him for everything.

Brax gets Kyle to make a statement to the police. Casey is preoccupied with his upcoming court date, and just wants to spend time with Sasha. The police don’t believe Kyle’s story, especially since Casey won’t be pressing charges against Kyle for the kidnap. Casey wants Kyle to leave, but Brax says he has to stay until Kyle can take the stand. Kyle casually asks why they haven’t talked to Tamara. Shocked to find out she’s real, Brax goes to tell the police to track her down. He apologises for not believing Casey. Later, Casey falls asleep with Sasha on the beach. The next morning Casey wakes up to Tamara standing over him and Sasha. She slaps him and walks off.