Brax confronts Hayley about Charlie’s death. April tries to get Heath to drop the invasive DNA test. Casey decides that he wants to get in contact with Henri.


Romeo feels as though Indi is gold-digging. Xavier realises Sasha will not disagree with him. Ruby drives Casey to meet Henri.


Indi doesn’t know what to think when she sees Romeo and Ruby together. Sasha sneaks out after being grounded by Sid. John is after revenge on Harvey.


John puts the press onto Harvey’s election rigging. Harvey, Mel and Lottie’s tragic past is revealed. April fights to win Dex’s attention back from Lottie.


Harvey pushes Roo away after learning that she knows about Ben’s death. Dex tells April he can’t be with someone he doesn’t trust. VJ is attacked by new student, bad boy Jett James.


Liam and Bianca make a big decision about their relationship. Gina promises to keep an eye on new student who’s causing trouble, Jett. Harvey realises he can’t keep shutting people out.


Sasha shuts Xavier of her life after their break-up. Casey encounters conflict with one of his teachers. Hayley returns to Summer Bay.


Sasha realises she needs to deal with the Stu situation. Tension rises between Casey and his teacher.


Romeo injures his knee, leaving his surfing career is in doubt. Colleen is disappointed to learn her son is moving to America. Indi finds herself in further debt when she buys a dress she can’t afford, putting further strain on her and Romeo’s marriage.


Romeo’s at risk of losing a leg after his knee injury. Indi becomes distracted on her date with Logan. Heath makes it clear that he wants to be a part of his baby’s life.


The doctors deliver some bad news to Romeo which forces him to reassesses his future. Jett targets Colleen as Gina tries to protect him. Bianca takes in Heath’s fatherhood joy.


Dex tries to improve his physique as April and Lottie vie for his affections. Xavier suspects that Jett is responsible for Colleen’s burglary. Casey takes it a step too far with Mr Townsend.


Townsend retaliates against Casey. Sasha encourages Dex and Lottie to get together. Brax is surprised to find that Hayley is still in Summer Bay.


Liam struggles to help Hayley and Harvey faces pressure leading up to his court case. With Colleen feeling down, Marilyn assures her that the universe works in mysterious ways.


Liam decides to stick by Hayley, Harvey reaches out to Lottie before his court case. Colleen tries to decide how to spend her lottery winnings.


Liam is confused about what’s happening with Hayley. Casey apologises to Townsend, but it might not be enough. The girls are planning a surprise farewell for Colleen.


Colleen bids farewell to Summer Bay. Gina learns about Townsend’s past and uses it to convince him to drop the charges against Casey. Jett pockets a lot of cash. Sasha seeks counselling.


Heath tries to help Bianca with the baby. Xavier suspects Jett stole Indi’s wallet. Ruby decides to ask Romeo to go into business with her. Indi crashes Sid’s car.


Bianca is devastated when she learns that there are complications with her baby. Harvey needs to decide whether he will plead guilty in order to avoid gaol time.


Bianca has an unexpected medical emergency, putting her pregnancy at risk. April is crushed when she learns that Dax is dating Lottie. Roo attempts to reach out to Harvey.

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