Brax is questioned over some stolen goods. Leah catches Brax making a desperate attempt to prevent losing Angelo’s.


Alan propositions Sid in regards to the assault charges. Sasha attempts to strike a deal with Stu. Romeo is tentative about his new career.


Harvey threatens to close down the resort if he wins the election. Romeo is at a crossroads in his new career. Xavier admits his feelings for Sasha. Dex makes a decision about his future.


April fears she’s losing Heath. Brax continues to fight Geoffrey King for ownership of Angelo’s. Xavier attempts to make amends with Sasha.


Leah tries to help Brax out of debt. Bianca slips up at her Hen’s night. Romeo throws Liam a Buck’s party.


Liam and Bianca make a pact. Brax apologises to Leah. Irene shuts herself off from the world.


Ruby moves into the Caravan Park. Dex struggles with his decision not to pursue medicine. Alf makes a last minute effort for the Election.


Romeo is suspicious of Dennis and John. Alf and Roo manage to get Irene out into the world.


Xavier is confused about where he stands with Sasha. Everyone is shocked when a body is found at the Caravan Park.


As Liam and Bianca’s big day arrives, Bianca’s feelings for Heath continue to loom. Will she make it to her wedding, or will Liam be left alone at the alter? The body which was found at the caravan park is identified. Sid is questioned by police.


Elijah finally confesses his feelings to Leah. April can’t get a straight answer from Heath. Brax finds a way to pay back Leah.


Casey’s friend from juvey arrives in Summer Bay. Ruby receives boxes of Charlie’s possessions. Leah receives a gift from Charlie. Roo is offered a job by Harvey.


Irene suffers from pains in her legs. Ruby finds herself on a downward spiral. John loses big when the resort is shut down.


Struggling to cope with Charlie’s death, Ruby continues to push everyone away. Romeo is reluctant to continue his career path in sales. John pressures Dennis to return his investment.


Roo takes a tough love approach with Ruby. April and Dex start to rebuild their friendship. Brax signs up for a dangerous cage fight.


Leah struggles to keep her distance from Brax. April is upset with Heath for lying to her. Bianca tries to reason with April over Heath. The ladies rally around Irene to try and find her a new hobby.


The investigation into Stu’s murder leads the police to Dex and Xavier. Irene attempts to get on with her life and has a go at Karaoke.


Casey is furious after Tyler lands a job at the Caravan Park. Gina learns the truth about John’s lost investment and Roo vows to never work with Harvey again. As the investigation into Stu’s murder continues, Dex and Xavier are suspects.


John tries to retrieve some of the money he lost back from Dennis. Harvey makes Roo reapply for the position she quit. Tyler causes more trouble for Casey.


Brax warns Tyler not to bring down Casey with his reckless behaviour. April is forced to think about the sacrifices she makes for Heath. Gina and John’s future is unclear.

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