In the 2012 season return, Charlie is found unconscious after being shot. Brax seeks out Jake. Sid is confronted by Alan, Stu’s father.


Ruby has a heartbreaking decision to make. Sid’s job at the hospital is in jeopardy. Indi urges Romeo to get a job at the resort.


Summer Bay gathers for Charlie’s funeral. Morag offers Ruby a home in the city. Ruby confronts a drunken Brax. Xavier jumps to Sasha’s defence, could this be the start of a new relationship?


Liam and Bianca have their engagement party. Xavier decides on a new career move. April and Heath share another kiss.


Liam spills April’s secret to Heath. Dex is heartbroken when he sees Heath and April together. Irene, feeling better after the cancer, tries to get on with her life.


Irene suffers heart failure. Bianca wants April to promise to stay away from Heath. Dex struggles to define his relationship to April. Geoffrey King offers Heath a deal to get Angelo’s out of debt.


Heath gets caught up in a dodgy deal with Geoffrey King. Brax fears he’s going to lose Angelo’s. April wants to keep seeing Heath in secret, but is concerned Bianca still has feelings for him.

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