Sasha is caught breaking into Stu’s house. Sid confronts Margaret about her poisoning Alan.


Sid reports Margaret to the Police. Xavier catches Sasha as she’s preparing to run away.


Irene notices the tension between and Bianca and April. Meanwhile, Casey and Henri share a kiss.


Brax is thrust back into Leah’s life. Roo and Marilyn attempt an intervention to encourage John to be a better housemate. VJ gets into trouble with the Police.


Brax and VJ embark on a project together. John and Gina give their marriage another go. Ruby runs into the arms of a untrustworthy surfer.


Brax and VJ’s relationship puts Elijah on the outer. Harvey and Roo’s second first date goes awry. John and Gina negotiate moving in again.


Brax distances himself from Leah and VJ. Heath and Liam fight. Liam discovers Eddie ripped off his lyrics.


April sees Casey and Henri kissing. Colleen encourages Dex to get back together with April. Irene and Eddie part ways.


Sasha’s rattled at her trial. Ruby’s dismayed when Romeo skips the championship.


The outcome of Sasha’s trial is revealed. Harvey’s ex-wife Melissa shows up.


Ruby is in trouble and Brax seeks to intervene. Logan tries his luck again with Indi. Harvey meets his daughter, Lottie.


Everyone learns of Sasha’s plans to move. Ruby is angry at Brax’s interference in her case.


Sasha discovers Felix may not need her. Henri chooses between her career and Casey. Dex gets some ‘bad boy’ coaching.


Bianca breaks plans with Liam and bonds with Darcy. Heath blows Henri and Casey’s secret. Roo, Irene and Leah have some single ladies’ time.


Roo, Harvey and Lottie spend time together. Dex tries to turn chess skills into cash. Heath keeps pursuing Bianca which rattles Liam’s nerves.


April is jealous of Dex and Lottie. Bianca and Liam prepare to leave the Bay. Heath and Bianca share a moment.


Casey and Henri are caught kissing. Heath takes legal action against Liam and Bianca who are leaving the Bay with his unborn baby. Leah joins an online dating site.


Indi and Romeo both look to others for comfort. Gina learns of Casey and Henri’s relationship. Brax tells Henri to leave Summer Bay for good.


John and Sid join forces to convince Sasha and Xavier to take it slow. John questions Harvey about the validity of his involvement in the EcoPark.


Gina and Roo try to reconcile John and Harvey. Lottie invites Dex over for dinner. A drunken Leah makes a move on Brax while feeling lonely.

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