Casey is tying up loose ends before his court case. Leah puts her jealousy aside and tells Natalie she shouldn’t give up on Brax. Jett returns to Summer Bay.


Brax takes Natalie’s advice and tries a different approach with Casey. April and Dex are reunited. Casey realises his life is worth fighting for.


April doesn’t know how to help Dex. Roo admits she hasn’t quit her job with Tim. Casey and Heath resolve their issues.


John worries that he can’t make Gina happy. Irene has had enough of living with Heath. Harvey thinks Roo has been lying to her. Romeo decides to let go of the anger he holds for Liam and Indi.


Harvey misreads Roo and Tim’s farewell and leaves town. Liam questions whether him and Indi should be together.


Harvey has jumped to the wrong conclusion and has rekindled with Mel. Despite the initial hurt, Indi agrees to remain friends with Liam after their breakup. Romeo gets an injury which threatens to jeopardise his surfing career.


Brax tries desperately and unsuccessfully to get through to Casey. With a push from Lottie, Harvey calls then returns to Roo. Liam and Jett attempt to make things up to VJ.


Heath quickly realises Bianca’s doubts over his parenting skills. Sid is reluctant for Dex to come home until the only other option is a clinic in the city. Casey believes he is becoming like Danny and gets a tattoo.


Sid is attempting to carry the burden of Dex’s return home. Bianca eventually apologises to Heath over doubting him. Gina discovers John’s deception and questions whether she will ever be able to trust him.


Kyle follows Casey into the bush after he notices him acting strangely. Despite resolving things with Gina, John still feels the third wheel behind Jett. Harvey’s guilt forces him to admit his infidelity to Roo.


Roo and Harvey argue over his infidelity. Sasha is upset by Casey’s attitude after sleeping with her. Sid is struggling with the burden of caring for Dex. Casey’s defeatist attitude is concerning everyone.


Brax finally discovers how hard Casey is struggling. Sid mourns the son who has not returned. Despite everything that has happened, Roo admits she still loves Harvey.


Jett and VJ both train hard, with the fear of failure in hot pursuit. Marilyn’s awkwardness with John leads Gina to think that the really is something going on. Romeo continues to train, despite everyone’s advice against it. Sid buckles under the pressure of holding the family together.


Roo finds she can’t move on from Harvey’s infidelity. Bianca continues to doubt Heath. Gina admits she has been neglecting John, but doesn’t trust him with Marilyn.


The River Boys go bush. Bianca’s fears come to fruition when Rocco is taken to hospital. Harvey and Roo lay down the terms for their relationship.


Bianca blames Heath for Rocco’s life threatening situation. Brax thinks Casey’s done a runner, and Sasha blames herself for Casey’s disappearance. Roo and Harvey try to resolve their issues.


Heath and Bianca look forward to their future together. Dex wishes he had died in the car accident. Roo and Harvey attempt to resolve their relationship issues.


Alf is concerned that Roo and Harvey are being too nice to each other. Dex is hopeful for a bright future. Jett confronts Marilyn.


Casey has been kidnapped and taken to the outback. John decides to move out, Natalie reveals her past and Romeo punches Liam.


Brax realises where Casey is and he and Natalie head to the desert to find him. Romeo is out of control.

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