It’s a race against time as Natalie and Brax search for Casey in the desert. Romeo and Indi struggle with Romeo’s steroid addiction.


Brax pursues Kyle. Romeo collapses and is taken to hospital, where he later promises Indi that he’ll quit steroids and they reconcile. Roo and Harvey plan their wedding.


Casey decides to return to the bay and face the music. John and Gina fail to repair their relationship. Dex and April struggle with their intimacy issues.


Dex and April decide to move forward with their relationship. John promises to make things right between him and Marilyn. Heath’s mother arrives unexpectedly.


Cheryl and Bianca knock heads. Things get romantic between Sid and Lisa. Jett reveals to Gina that John tried to kiss Marilyn. Bianca can’t wake up an unconscious Rocco.


Bianca and Heath struggle to come to terms with Rocco’s death. Casey is arrested for missing his court date. Gina confronts Marilyn about her kiss with John. Brax and Natalie come to a decision about their relationship.


Heath and Bianca work together on Rocco’s funeral. Both April and Dex struggle with their limitations in helping each other. Casey could face a long jail stretch if Kyle isn’t found.


Jett asks to live with John. Indi and Romeo struggle to navigate the rules of their new relationship. Dex feels empowered when he helps April. Sid decides to continue seeing Lisa.


John tells Jett that he’ll try and win Gina back. Romeo and Indi reconnect. Roo and Harvey’s wedding plans are in jeopardy.


There is an intimate funeral service for Rocco. Heath and his brothers pay their respects to Rocco in the River Boy way. Bianca blames Heath for their relationship and how she feels. Harvey, Roo and Alf reconcile, and Roo accepts Alf’s gift of money.


Bianca doesn’t want Heath in her life anymore. Casey and Brax struggle to prove Kyle exists. Marilyn suggests they turn the surf carnival into a fundraiser for SIDS.


An old friend arrives to help the Braxtons find Kyle. Sid and Lisa keep their relationship from Dex. Dex reveals to Sid that Lisa is married. Sasha comes to terms with the state of affairs between herself and Casey.


Sid and Lisa work on their baggage. Romeo decides not to compete in the carnival. Jett and VJ steal John’s fireworks. Gina and John unite to foil the boys’ plans.


The Spring Carnival goes ahead. Heath and Bianca are conflicted about their involvement in the carnival. Casey and Sasha decide their relationship is toxic. Gina and John present a united front when punishing Jett.


Bianca looks to drugs as an escape. Leah hooks up with an attractive guy. Natalie won’t go back to Brax with all the mayhem in his life.


As Heath grows suspicious of his return, Adam helps Brax step up the search for Kyle. Gina and John enter awkward new territory as the pair try to patch things up.

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John attempts to put things right with Gina, but unforseen events make finding time for each other difficult. Adam and Brax discover where Kyle has been hiding.

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Natalie tries to make Bianca open up about her drug use, but Bianca storms off when Natalie tries to make her talk about Heath. Dex believes his father’s affair with Lisa is over, but is it? Indi and Romeo’s relationship takes another step forward.

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Dex and Indi apologise for judging Sid so harshly over Lisa. Will Leah warm to Jamie, or will age come between them? Indi and Romeo renew their vows in front of friends and family at an intimate wedding ceremony.

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Romeo and Dex hang out together, but Romeo isn’t happy when Dex returns soaking wet. Leah feels guilty after a night with Jamie, and confides in Liam that she thinks he is coming on too strong.

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