The Walker house is searched by the police. Romeo’s past comes back to haunt him. Ruby tries to forgive Brax after seeing him with another woman.


Roo prepares her pitch, only to find out Harvey lied. Romeo decides to join the Surf Comp circuit. Sasha is finding it hard to deal with the drama her family is being put through.


Xavier resolves to stick the academy out. A shocking truth is revealed in Summer Bay.


Harvey tries to trick Roo into going on a date. Romeo wants to keep surfing despite Indi’s objections.


Heath discovers Tyler’s bag of money. Indi says she’ll support Romeo’s dreams. April invites Heath to dinner, pretending it’ll just be them.


Brax pays John back for his stolen car. April’s plan to lure Heath into a family dinner backfires.


Xavier proves his worth in a real-life incident. Gina discovers John’s come into money without telling her. Elijah and Leah make amends. Roo tells Harvey she isn’t jealous of him.


Tension builds as both April and Henri want a romantic getaway with Heath. Roo becomes competitive whilst fundraising for Alf as she tries to outshine Harvey. Irene decides to get a singing coach.


April and Henri find out about Heath’s deceitful two-timing behaviour. There’s speculation about a romance between Irene and Eddie. Tyler returns and steals a knife.


Tyler tracks down Casey and chases him while brandishing a knife. Indi becomes jealous and angry when Romeo admits that Ruby joined him surfing. Brax apologises to Leah for his recent behaviour.


Indi decides to trust Romeo and let him surf with Ruby. Gina sees John accept money from Brax.


John reveals his connection with Brax to Gina and moves out. Roo flirts with a tradie to get under Harvey’s skin. Questions are unanswered about whether the Walker family will move for Sid’s new job.


Sasha remains tight lipped about her bully. John moves out without telling Gina.


Sasha reveals who has been bullying her. Sid is offered his old job back.


Henri decides she can no longer tutor Casey. Irene invites Eddie to her birthday dinner.


Ruby pulls out of the Surf Competition at the last minute. Roo lies about a date she has to Harvey. Brax is knocked out at Angelo’s.


Brax fights despite his head injury. Xavier and Ruby have a fun night in. Romeo ruins his romantic evening with Indi. Harvey forces Roo to admit her feelings for him.


Heath’s quest for revenge endangers Bianca. Brax is confronted by memories of Charlie and leaves the hospital. Roo tells Harvey she wants more time.


Brax realises Leah has feelings for him. Sid tries to wake Brax up to the danger that he’s in.


Henri resumes as Casey’s tutor. Roo and Marilyn meddle in John and Gina’s situation.

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