Xavier fears being kicked out of the academy. Indi tells Ruby she’s won and she’ll stay away from Romeo. Alf’s concerned about Roo’s plans – or lack of them.


Gina is unsure what to do with this new piece of information. Casey tells Brax he’s done with school. Marilyn gives gives Danny tea and sympathy. Sasha lends an ear to Casey as a friend.


Brax gives Danny an ultimatum. Gina secretly prevents Jett from finding Richard. Bianca realises Heath’s avoiding her.


Heath and Bianca’s baby needs an urgent blood transfusion. Dex’s support of April might come at a cost.


Lottie becomes Dex’s tutor to help him improve at school. Harvey explains to Lottie that Mel wants Lottie to live with her when she moves to the city.


Indi and Romeo get close again after learning that Ruby lied about her pregnancy. Brax is there for Ruby in her time of need. Liam is offered his job back at Angelo’s – but will he take it?


Natalie is concerned that Danny is threatening her. Brax is knocked out and left for dead. Romeo ends it with Ruby once and for all, and is jealous of Liam and Indi’s relationship.


Bianca and Heath try and find out where they stand with each other. Brax is badly beaten and rushed to the hospital. Casey buys Danny’s ‘good father’ act.


April and Dex fight over Heath. Bianca and Heath need to decide what they are to each other. Lottie struggles to choose between her parents. Gina worries whether she’s doing the right thing with Jett.


Gina decides to seek out Jett’s father. Lottie makes a decision about which parent she wants to live with. April and Dex find themselves becoming closer after sorting out their issues.


Jett’s potential father doesn’t want to meet him. Bianca and Heath face life outside the hospital. Harvey and Lottie work out how to deal with Mel. Dex feels awkward spending the night at Irene’s.


Jett and Richard meet for the first time. Bianca learns Heath lied to her. Heath discovers a family secret. Marilyn’s worried about Danny’s disappearance.


Danny returns with an agenda. Natalie and Brax plan drinks together. Harvey tells Mel that Lottie wants to live with him.


Brax prepares for a deal. Danny gets closer to Ruby, concerning Casey. Mel threatens to reveal Harvey’s dark secret. Indi’s pleasantly surprised Romeo’s decided to stick with sales.


Sid throws a pre-exams party at Angelo’s, Casey and Ruby’s closeness upsets Sasha. Sid warns Romeo to stay away from Indi.


Indi is confused about Romeo’s mixed signals. Sasha tells Casey how she feels. Casey tries to protect Ruby from his father. Gina is concerned that Jett is hiding his feelings about his real father.


Indi leaves Romeo waiting for her. Heath realises Danny hasn’t changed. Casey plays double-agent. Gina sets up Jett only to realise she was wrong.


Harvey struggles with the custody battle over Lottie. Heath tells Danny he doesn’t want anything more to do with him. Brax is stuck in the middle of a drug deal from hell.


Lottie learns the truth about her brother’s death. Darcy asks Bianca if she’s Heath’s girlfriend. Brax takes control of the messed-up drug deal


Natalie and Brax become closer. Lottie decides to go with her mother. Dex and April decide to move in together.

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