Bianca tells Heath to sort things out with his daughter. April and Dex make a persuasive moving-out presentation. John surprises Gina and Jett’s case worker with a change of plans.


Romeo discovers Indi ditched him for Liam. Jett senses John and Gina are keeping a secret. Roo has a surprising suggestion for Harvey.


Brax tells Casey to cut Ruby off. Romeo’s suspicions over Liam and Indi erupt. Harvey gives Roo an unexpected alternative to her suggestion. Natalie tries to understand Jett’s fears.


Ruby has a breakdown. Indi kisses Liam. Roo gets a shock when Harvey proposes to her.


Harvey and Roo have an argument. Liam struggles to do the right thing with Indi. Heath and Bianca have a romantic picnic.


Heath and Bianca discuss their future. Jett is counselled by Natalie. Danny is planning another job.


Sasha tries to sabotage Dex and April’s plan to move out. Danny hits Casey after learning that he’s double-crossed him. Ruby tells Casey she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Brax is mixed up with another drug deal.


Ruby cuts the brakeline on Indi’s car. Indi tells Romeo it’s over – for good. Dex and April find a place. Jett learns that his father, Richard Bozic, could seek custody.


Dex and April are excited about their future together as they move into their new home. Indi and Liam try to figure out where their relationship is heading. Ruby realises she’s made a huge mistake.


Summer Bay is rocked by a car accident, and the SES race to the scene to find Dex trapped in the wreckage. Romeo’s surprised to find Liam comforting Indi. Ruby admits what she’s done.


Dex fights for his life whilst the police investigate the crash. Jett is worried about his paternity test results. Brax visits Charlie’s grave for some closure. Harvey gives Roo the ring. Brax learns that Casey lied about staying with Danny.


Brax is on a mission to find out what Casey and Danny are up to. Danny forces Casey into an armed robbery. Jett’s father applies for full custody. Roo and Harvey set a date.


Brax and Natalie discover Danny has been shot by Casey. Roo’s ex-boyfriend Tim arrives in Summer Bay – how will Harvey react?


News of the shooting drama shocks Summer Bay’s residents. Harvey is annoyed when Alf invites Tim to stay for dinner.


John and Gina spend their last day with Jett, but is he having second thoughts? Harvey thinks Tim’s trying to seduce Roo.


Richard threatens to involve the police when he learns Jett is having second thoughts. Roo wants to join Tim’s business project.


The repercussions of the car crash continue to affect Summer Bay’s residents. VJ makes a heartfelt speech.


Summer Bay prepares for a funeral. Irene tries to bring the community together.


Dex struggles to understand what is happening. Harvey tries to forbid Roo getting involved in business with her ex. Indi apologises to Romeo for everything and he tells her he still loves her. Brax and Natalie are official.


As Indi reflects on her feelings for Romeo, she worries about their future. Dex wants April to stay away from him. Roo is forced to choose – Harvey or Tim?

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