Xavier accuses Jett of mugging Marilyn while Marilyn is recovering from her attack. Sasha tries to help Casey with his studies. Alf’s ailment appears to be more than just jetlag.


Jett confesses to Marilyn that he was the one that mugged her. Alf collapses and is rushed to Hospital. Dex is upset that Sasha is using him, and his brain, to get closer to Casey.


After his mother is found dead, Jett is sent to live with a foster family. Logan returns to Summer Bay, only to realise that Indi is still in love with Romeo. Liam is forced to question whether Hayley really is ready for a new life.


Ruby asks Indi to let Romeo go. Alf is still wary of Harvey and Roo’s relationship. Liam’s worried about Heath’s involvement in Hayley’s life. A discrepancy in Danny Braxton’s court case brings hope for an early release.


Heath and Bianca are forced to discuss what to do if there are any complications with the birth. Brax learns about Heath’s plan to get their dad out of gaol which leads Brax to visit his father in gaol for the first time.


April is upset at Heath for asking to save the baby over Bianca. Casey learns about Heath trying to get their father out of gaol. Dex realises he still has feelings for April and is torn with what to do about Lottie. Harvey tells Mel that he needs to sell their house to pay his fines.


Sid delivers concerning news about Bianca. Casey asks Brax about his father. Roo and Harvey send Lottie back to her mother.


Casey visits his father. Roo and Harvey realise Mel’s not coping. Liam thinks about moving to the city with Hayley.


Harvey realises the depth of Mel’s issues. Jett runs away from his foster family. Sasha gets April to deal with Dex’s heartache.


Jett rebels against John’s hard line. Ruby wants to move out with Romeo. Liam starts drinking again.


Romeo confronts Ruby about warning off Indi. Indi pursues modelling to pay Romeo back. Bianca wakes up but behaves strangely.


Romeo stands by a pregnant Ruby, leaving Indi distraught. Bianca believes her baby has died. Dex becomes jealous of April and Heath.


Indi tells Romeo to let her move on with her life, while Romeo feels trapped by Ruby’s pregnancy. Indi organises a modelling shoot. Dex confesses that he’s in love with April. Jett acts out after his mother’s funeral.


Lottie moves into Summer Bay House, but isn’t too sure about her place. Natalie learns about Brax’s past. Sasha is excited about a possible romance blossoming between her and Casey. Xavier is concerned about Jett’s behaviour.


Brax is concerned that Danny willl get out of gaol. Liam is tempted by drugs. Lottie and Sasha plan a day of rebellion.


Liam wakes from his drugs binge. Bianca struggles with reality, and looks to Liam for help. Heath is dedicated to getting his dad out of gaol. Brax gets a special visitor.


Alf brings up old ghosts for Lottie. Brax lets Danny stay with him. Ruby’s pregnancy distances her from Romeo.


Brax tries to protect his mother from Danny. Liam must make amends for falling off the wagon. Romeo struggles with being a good dad. Sasha wants Ruby to stay away from Casey.


Bianca has a psychotic episode. Sasha blames herself for Casey’s bad behaviour.


Dex tries to help April cope. Xavier crosses a line investigating Jett.

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