Episode 5650

Australian Air Date: 16th November 2012
UK Air Date: 1st February 2013

Dex wakes up from his coma unaware of what’s happened. Harvey is upset that Roo has asked his old friend Winston to be his best man. Bianca tries to make peace with Liam and Heath.

Extended Summary

Dex wakes up, disoriented after his seizure, but is seemingly unaware that he’s had one. April finds Dex on the couch, but doesn’t notice anything strange. The next day, Romeo notices Dex’s odd behavior at Angelo’s, but April shrugs it off. Dex feels the effects of the seizure during lunch, and finds it hard to cope. He gets into an altercation with Heath about Bianca, and April asks Heath to drive them home. Dex admits to Romeo he needs to go to hospital.

Harvey is upset to find that Roo has gone behind his back and asked his old friend to be Best Man, and offends Roo by claiming that getting married is stressful. He calls his old friend Winston to tell him to go home, but he arrives just as Harvey is making fun of him.

Marilyn doesn’t make the connection between her doomed date with a man called Winston and Harvey’s best friend. When Roo and Marilyn arrive in time to see Winston wrestling Harvey, and an awkward encounter between Winston and Marilyn ensues.

Bianca apologises to Liam for the way she’s been acting, and assures him that things between her and Adam are over. They run into an angry Heath, and Bianca is unsure how she’s ever going to begin to make it up to him. Liam encourages Heath to speak to Bianca, but Heath bristles at the suggestion.

Bianca asks Gina if she can return to work, but Gina insists that Bianca undergo counseling before she comes back. Bianca arrives at the Walkers to visit April just as Heath drops an unwell Dex off. She and Heath share an awkward moment. On Irene’s advice she visits Rocco’s grave, where she once again finds Heath. She apologises to him but he tells her he can’t be with her – he let his Dad kick him in the guts all his life, and now he’s letting Bianca do the same. He can’t do it anymore.

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